Description sharieja

Описание шарпея

Although nowadays sharpei is known as a pet dog, he has not forgotten his fighting history and can resolutely react to the aggressive behavior of strangers.

In all other respects - this is a kind and balanced dog, exclusively attached to its owner, but without excessive sugaryness.

The wrinkles on the head give the sharpey a frowning and severe look, although in reality it is a very peace-loving dog. Especially today, when it is not forced into bloody battles and is not served on the table as a meat dish, which unfortunately happened in the most dramatic moments of its history.

Sharpei , especially in his childhood, loves to play and easily learns the simplest commands, rarely showing obstinacy. Absolutely not amenable, shar pei can only become in the case of a bad relationship with the owner. Unfortunately, many acquire shar pei exclusively because of its unusual appearance, seeing in it a kind of symbol of status, and not a life partner.

And although such people do not spare the power to care for his appearance, they do not give him their love and warmth. This is a very serious mistake, because sharpei is a very sensitive dog that needs constant contact with a person. In close relations with the owner of the shar pei becomes his reliable defender, although he never shows excessive aggression. With an unfamiliar person, he behaves with restraint, but being convinced of the absence of bad intentions, willingly gives him his friendship.

Описание породы шарпей

Only puppies and young dogs play with children . In the future, self-esteem does not allow the shar pei to make himself a jester, and he begins to behave with children, as a patient and attentive nurse with the habits of a sentinel dog . A truly aggressive shar pei becomes extremely rare. Basically, when it seems to him that the children entrusted to him are in danger.

If the little torturers pull him by the tail or ears, he prefers to retire with dignity. Nevertheless, parents should ensure that children do not bother the dog too much. In relation to other animals, shar pei, despite their fighting history, behaves quite amicably.

He quickly gets used to treating cats, chickens and other small domestic animals as taboo and willingly playing with other dogs, unless they provoke him by aggressive behavior. The instinct of a fighting dog is manifested in him today during the game and is expressed in a comic struggle typical of this breed. The style of this struggle is transmitted from generation to generation in the form of receptions, which parents with the usual eastern wisdom, teach their puppies. Sharplya's life has finally become easy and pleasant, but this does not mean that there are no problems in it.


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