Samoyed Laika

The Samoyed Laika or Samoyed dog is one of the oldest breeds of Spitz. Samoyed almost 3000 years was a companion of the northern peoples of the Sami group (Samoyeds) - Lapps, Nenets, etc., who inhabited the north of Russia and Siberia. Samoyed tribes wandered with their herds of deer, using dogs as sledges, as well as hunting for walrus and bear, to protect herds of deer.

Photo: Samoyed Laika
Photo: Samoyed Laika

Samoyed dogs slept in the homes of people and warmed them with their fur coats. This breed has survived to this day in its original form, since it has never been subjected to the intervention of breeders. These dogs as drafts participated in almost all large polar expeditions. Now samoyed is one of the rarest breeds.

Samoyed dog

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
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The size
Attitudes towards children

Appearance and size

Самоед Among factory samoyeds there are two intraspecific types: bear and wolf. They differ slightly in structure. Bearish samoyed powerful, short, with a wide skull. The Wolf has a more elongated body and a narrow head.

The height of males at the withers is up to 57 cm, the female - up to 53 cm. Weight varies from 17 to 30 kg.

A naughty kind of self-interest is given by his proprietary "smile". The nose may be black, bodily or brown. In winter, the nose can discolour. Deep-set eyes have a dark brown color.

The small ears are high, they are densely covered with hair and slightly rounded at the ends.

The tail of the samoyed is long and densely covered with fluffy wool, in motion thrown to the back or sideways.

The coat is thick and plentiful, very dense and shiny. Around the withers and neck a "collar" is formed, framing the head. On the head, the outer surface of the ears and the front paws, the fur is short and even. On the back of the thigh are "pants".

Color is pure white, cream or pale yellow. There must be silvery ends of the coarse hair.

The nature of Samoyed

This unpretentious and hardy worker, a delicate and well-understood person. He is open and friendly, cheerful and independent. Distinguished by devotion and intelligence, gets along well with children. Not aggressive and not shy, it is suitable for watchdog and guard and service. Has very weak hunting instincts, which is good for living with other animals.

This dog has a supernatural flair of danger. Even under deep snow, it is able to guess polynyas and cracks, finds the way home in the most desperate situations.

In America, Samoyeds are called a dog for good mood and doctors recommend to communicate with them to get rid of loneliness and depression. Samoyed too badly tolerates loneliness, it always draws to people. It is a wonderful home companion, devoted and affectionate.

Samoyed can show obstinacy, but it is not aggressive. He will not fight for himself, but he can stand up for himself.

Begin his training at an early age.

Maintenance and care

Representatives of this breed are adapted to living in nature. Therefore, this energetic dog does not like to be locked in an apartment or house, can not live in a kennel. Samode needs space for movement and active long walks .

Despite the thick wool, Samoyed perfectly adapts in the apartment and is not afraid of hot climate.

It does not require specific care and is odorless. It's only enough to comb it out regularly and after a walk wash your paws.

To bathe the samoyed is better not more often than once every six months, preferably with shampoo for white dogs. In general, its wool is impervious to rain and snow and has a unique ability to self-clean.

To comb out the dog you need at least twice a week, and during moulting - every day.

The dog though and is vigorous, but eats a little and at correct leaving lives up to 15 years.

Price of Samoyed Laika puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles Samoyed puppies cost from $ 250 to $ 1,100, depending on the prominence of their ancestors and the purpose of the dog.

Photo of Samoyed Laika



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