How and how to feed a rottweiler puppy and an adult dog?

Кормление ротвейлера

Rottweiler is a well-trained, clever defender. This breed has the power and ability to defend.

Therefore, it requires constant physical exertion and a certain approach to nutrition. Feeding Rottweiler has its own characteristics.

Such a dog should have a relief musculature and it can not be overfed, and most Rottweilers have an excellent appetite. In fact, the Rottweiler needs less food than, for example, Doberman of the same weight, since the Rottweiler needs less energy for heating and is less active. Particularly harmful overfeed for puppies. How and what to feed the Rottweiler?

Feeding Rottweiler with dry food

The choice of feed between dry and natural depends on the availability of free time and thickness of the purse. Dry dog ​​food saves time, but it reduces the family budget, because in a cheap feed there are no quality products, and it often leads to obesity and malfunctions in the body. Only expensive food (Hill`s, Royal Canin , Eukanuba ) and quite good ones (Purina Pro Plan, Ist Choice, Eagle Pack,) allow to keep the dog in fine form.

The best periods for feeding the Rottweiler with dry food are active growth, pregnancy of the dog and lactation, rehabilitation after illness. In everyday life, in the presence of time, a natural product is preferred.

Feeding Rottweiler Nutrition

Making up the menu of your dog, you should take into account that the proteins in it should be about 50%. It can be:

  • meat,
  • cottage cheese,
  • cheese,
  • Eggs,
  • a fish.

Meat should be moist or cooked for no more than 5 minutes. Rottweiler can also be given mesenteric beef inner fat - not more than 100 grams per week. Vegetables, preferably in raw form (that is, fiber) should be 20% of the menu. It is better not to overdo it, because the Rottweilers a lot of vegetables often causes digestive upset.

Кормление щенков ротвейлера

Porridge (carbohydrates) account for 30%. It is better to cook rice, buckwheat and oatmeal (Hercules) cereals and do not like manna and pearl barley.

But this calculation is made for an active dog, which spends at least two hours a day on an intensive walk.

If an adult rottweiler lives in an apartment and his lifestyle is inactive, then a day he will need 500-800 grams of beef, including lung, heart; 2 kg of thick porridge and 300 grams of grated vegetables (potatoes, carrots, beets). Once a week you can give cottage cheese with kefir instead of one feeding porridge. Also, once a week you can give 800 grams of raw fish (capelin, trout, salmon).

When the dog is kept in the winter in the enclosure and with increased physical exertion, these portions are increased by 1.5-2.5 times. A nursing bitches can be increased up to six times.

Feeding Rottweiler puppies

How to feed a rottweiler puppy, how many times and how to do it right? Growing a puppy, it is important to maintain a smooth appetite and good eating of all the food offered. To do this, it must always be fed in one place and at the same time.

Puppies Rottweiler experts advise to feed 6 to 3 times a day (from 2 months old to one-year-old) gradually switching to a two-time feeding. The first time the puppy should be fed early in the morning before walking, and the last - just before bedtime. At night, it is better not to feed, so that the dog gets used to not disturb the owners. Introduce in the diet of new foods need small portions.

Raw meat to babies is more useful than boiled and should make not less than third of a ration. Milk and vegetables are also needed, but it is better to give carrots quite a bit because of its laxative effect. From 10 weeks you can give soft beef and veal cartilage, but after the main food.

Determine the necessary puppy portion is better for his behavior. He must eat everything and lick the bowl to his place. If he licks the bowl for a long time, then the volume of food should be slightly increased. But if the puppy has a swollen abdomen after eating, the portion should be reduced.


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