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Ризеншнауцер ✅ Strong, ✅small, ✅ hardy, ✅ unconfident, ✅ punchy, extraordinarily intelligent and ✅ well-wishing - all this, and not only, refers to the famous German breed Risen Schnauzer . Those owners who were lucky enough to become the owner and friend of this dog, can talk about its merits for hours. A gigantic schnauzer can become a source of inspiration and cause sudden love for the beautiful. Representatives of this breed can rightly be called a person, and quite talented and multifaceted in their manifestations.

Giant Schnauzer

Tendency to training
Watchtower qualities
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Ризеншнауцер Unfortunately, recently these handsome men are met on the street less and less often. Another thing 80-90e years, when a coal black risen schnauzer was at the peak of popularity among Soviet people.

By the way, the real connoisseur of this breed was the great Yuri Nikulin, in his house he kept two dogs at once.

Despite the fact that interest in this breed has undeservedly died out, it is impossible to talk about it. Dog owners, who prefer Risen Schnauzers, perfectly understand that this is the embodiment of elegance and intelligence. Just look at the hair and become this dog, as everything immediately falls into place. She is noble, charming and aristocratic. The level and speed of her learning ability can be safely put on one level with German shepherds. But the shepherd will not be able to compete with the bright personality of the Riesenschnauzer, with his unbridled craving for the knowledge of the new, and with a kind of dog sense of humor.

The energy from the Riesen beats the key every minute. That is why, without hesitation, you can buy for a large family with young children. He adores kids of any age and he does not need to "beg" for a long time to fit into a crazy game. Also, he can become an ideal companion for a single owner, whose gray routine will become much brighter with the appearance of this energetic and intelligent dog in the house.

The most interesting thing is that only this breed has a peculiar facial expression, which is so similar to human grimaces. Joy, surprise, indignation, discontent, sadness, curiosity and stubbornness are a list of what can be seen on his beautiful bearded bearded muzzle. Surprisingly, even slightly offhand, they are able to express feelings of guilt.

Schnauzers have a very strong sense of defender, so in an emergency, they, without hesitation, rush to defend the owner. Their impressive size, formidable barking and determination in the eyes strongly frighten the potential enemy. But at the same time, the schnauzer will not lose his dignity and will never chase after domestic cats, for example. This is a rare combination of reliability, power and grace. In any situation schnauzers cause only admiration.

Standard: basic characteristics

Ризеншнауцер The Giant Schnauzer is a massive, fairly high, strong, mobile and energetic breed. Their growth on the average is about 60-70 cm, and weight - 35-50 kg. This applies to both cables and bitches. They are called dogs of square shapes, but this is only a dry definition. It is impossible to call a schnauzer square when you see his grace and grace.

Their skull is very strong, the muzzle is elongated and in the form of a wedge, and the transition from the forehead to the nose is pronounced. Jaws are powerful and strong, in the open state - awesome. Eyes oval, closely located to the nose with a lobe of black color. The ears hang, have a triangular shape and are symmetrical. Their neck is very powerful and long enough. The transition from neck to back gives this schnauzer this noble aristocracy and aristocracy.

His back is short, but very strong. The highest point of his body is withers. The abdomen is tightened, and the breast is oval-convex. The anterior paws of the schnauzer are long, straight and parallel to each other. The rear are slightly shorter, inclined. The tail is stopped, leaving only the last 2 vertebra.

The skin does not hang and tightly fits the tight body of the dog. His coat is thick, medium in length, coal-black in color. A distinctive feature of the Risenschnauzer is a long beard and eyebrows that hang over the eyes and give him a charming look, especially when he stirs them.

History of the appearance of the breed

The German Riesen Schnauzer is known all over the world as a Bear or Russian Schnauzer. The most interesting thing is that this breed has nothing to do with Russia. There are suggestions that these additional names of schnauzers were due to their impressive size. However, their ancestors were from Germany, or rather from the Bavarian Highlands. From time immemorial, the representatives of this breed were faithful servants of German cattlemen and farmers. They faithfully served their masters, guarded the house, the cowshed, flocks of sheep and cows.

But the origins of Riesen are the same as those of a conventional schnauzer - a family of pinschers from Europe. Some sources give grounds to assume that the Riesen Schnauzer was formed in the middle of the 19th century and was a member of the Bavarian royal house. In one of his books the famous cynologist of the time Fitzinger calls Riesen a "Bavarian wolfhound". He describes him as an incredibly strong black and brown dog with long hair, a powerful broad chest and whose ears always "stand" on the watch.

Ризеншнауцер There is a portrait of Princess Elizabeth of Austria, where next to her is depicted a powerful and beautiful Riesen Schnauzer, from which comes the aristocracy inherent in the members of the royal dynasty. It is also known that from the middle of the 19th century this breed was actively cultivated, as a factory one. And already in the beginning of the 20th century several representatives of schnauzers were exhibited at the exhibition. But then they did not manage to make a special excitement. But several years later another attempt was made at the next exhibition, and now the hearts of spectators and dog breeders were conquered. It was 1909, which later became the year of official recognition of the breed of Risenschnauzer. Although at that time it was decided to call them "Munich schnauzers." But in 1923, when the first standard was issued for these dogs, the name of the breed changed and continues to this day.

For decades, breeders around the world have been fascinated by this dog. It attracted everything: the mind, wayward character, spitefulness, alertness to strangers, complaisance with its master. In the middle of the 20th century, one of the famous breeders said that the Risenschnauzer is a dog for true connoisseurs of beauty, and illiterate dog breeders are only able to ruin this lovely creature.

The modern Riesen Schnauzer and its character

Ризеншнауцер Fortunately, the Riesen Schnauzer was never very popular, and it was not built for prestige or fun. That is why we managed to preserve those characteristic features inherent in it by nature itself. As in the Soviet years, and now, the main breeder is Germany. And they manage to preserve that original, powerful and invincible appearance of the dog.

The gigantic schnauzer is the embodiment of communicability and close contact. But this dog is able to open only to its owner, friend, companion. As for strangers, here he behaves more than cautiously and attentively. He has an excellent memory and great flair. He will remember all the relatives and family members of his master, as well as his friends, neighbors and even just acquaintances.

Risen is very hardworking, patient and enduring. His tolerance can be observed in relation to other domestic pets who live with him under one roof. He will never offend the child, on the contrary - will become his best friend and patron. Instant reaction, explosive temperament and a strong nervous system allow him to serve in the police. But it is worth noting that their aggression is very difficult to control. If the schnauzer feels danger, he will immediately rush to the defense and stop it will be difficult. Therefore, from the puppy's age it is necessary to monitor the outbursts of anger and to stop it, slightly shaking it by the scruff of the neck.

About their intelligence, there are legends. It's like the most intelligent dog, able to grasp the training on the fly. And this is the true truth. Despite their mobility, they are very balanced and assiduous, if required by the owners. Service commands are remembered from the first time. But it should be remembered that an insufficient amount of communication with this dog will lead to the death of her intelligence and intelligence. Schnauzer is a true intellectual, and not a chain and watchdog. The intellect will only turn on when the curiosity and need for Risen's communication will be fully satisfied. Food for the mind should become the most important thing.

Riesenschnauzer is a dog for sensitive, patient, caring and considerate hosts. It will fit perfectly into any space, but it will be best for him in the open air, where there is a lot of space and freedom of action.

Risenschnauzer feeding

Ризеншнауцер Counting a full diet for a Risenschnauzer is as important as picking the right food for other pets and for yourself. Most owners believe that enough to feed the dog "off the table" and that there is nothing terrible in this, because the whole family eats. But this is a huge error, but for Riesen - an unforgivable mistake. Consuming human food, he can not get the necessary nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. Our needs differ significantly.

Every day an adult risen schnauzer needs about a kilo of fresh meat plus 300 grams of dog food specially formulated for this breed in the form of flakes. The owner of the dog can not independently balance the nutrition of the dog. Therefore, it is better to use dog food, which contains all the substances necessary for growth and normal functioning.

The amount of food should be calculated based on the age, weight and activity of the dog. Determine the healthy state of the schnauzer can be along its edges. They should not be visible to the eye and obviously stick out, but should be palpable when stroking the palm. Excessive overfeeding can damage the Schnauzer, and it will become an ordinary passive animal.

Puppies: how to choose and where to buy

Ризеншнауцер The Giant Schnauzer is the largest representative of the Schnauzer family, which for this reason is called gigantic. In addition, there are mittelnschnauzer (medium) and miniature schnauzer (dwarf).

If you take a puppy of a Risenschnauzer, the most optimal age is 1.5-2 months. At this age, they already cut through the incisors and formed an occlusion. Puppies can both eat mother's milk, and get used to adult food. They are already quite socialized and are able to become attached to a new master.

Before you buy a puppy, talk to the breeder, carefully inspect the room where the risen schnauzers are bred. The room should be dry, warm, without a pungent odor. The best option would be a nursery or a specialized breeding plant. Purchasing a puppy there, you can get a guarantee that you take a dog with excellent working qualities and the cleanest breed.

Be sure to ask and examine the pedigree, available titles of parents, and learn about possible hereditary diseases and abnormalities. It is desirable to get to know the parents of the Rizen-karapuza in order to understand their nature and level of intelligence.

Appearance of puppies should be neat and attractive. The wool is thick and black, like pitch. You need to choose the most active and lively, whose eyes are burning desire to know the world around. In no event should you choose your puppy, who showed aggression towards you. With this in the future will be very difficult to cope. It is worth paying attention to the total number of puppies in the litter. In the norm should be no more than 6-8. If the light appeared 10-14, then they will not be missing the mother's milk, therefore, they will not be healthy and may be weak.

Ризеншнауцер Also it is necessary to pay attention to the sizes, it is not necessary to take small and thin. The optimal and average weight of a two-month-old puppy of Riesen is 3-4 kg, that is slightly well-fed. The eyes should shine, and the nose of the nose should be moist. As for the back, the standards do not allow the presence of bends, humpbacks, the butt should not sag or rise on the contrary. The back should be perfectly even. The head of a small schnauzer is quite large and elongated, the ratio of the length of the forehead and the muzzle is the same. The ears must be symmetrical to each other and planted high. In general, the figure of the puppy should be compact and proportional.

Some experts advise paying special attention to the puppy's coat. It must be very rigid, like a wire. To determine the color of the risen schnauzer in the future will help edging the eyelids, the puppy's lips and the pigment of the pads on the paws. The darker the fringing, the blacker the pet will be. The claws must also be black. The official standard does not allow small riesen to have white or gray spots on the wool.

And the last - check all the documentation and vaccinations. But do not forget that the champion can not be born - they need to become.

In no case should you not buy a puppy from your hands or on ads in the newspaper or the Internet. Find a club of dog breeders in your city and ask that you recommend kennels that are trustworthy and are breeding dogs of this breed for more than one year.

Cost of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles The price of Risenschnauzer puppies depends mainly on their pedigree and on the titles of their parents. The quality and level of cultivation also affects the cost. On average today, a small riesen can be purchased from 20,000 rubles. and higher.

It all depends on the nursery in which the schnauzer will be purchased. Despite the high cost, this pleasant purchase in the future will certainly justify and pay off all the money spent.

Care and maintenance rules

Ризеншнауцер In the process of caring for the Risenschnauzer there is one very pleasant moment - this dog never smells of a dog. But this good quality can be ruined by incorrect and illiterate care. In principle, there is no need for special efforts and means. But the most important thing for Riesen is wool. 1-2 times in 2 months a tough fur should be cut. Only in this way can you keep Riesen in the proper form.

In addition to haircut hair requires daily combing with a special brush. Thus you can get rid of unpleasant koltunov and dead wool. The combing process helps to renew the wool and maintain its healthy and shiny appearance. Also for a wool cover, frequent bathing is very useful. Do not be afraid, it does not harm the dog in any way, but on the contrary - it will do good.

Sometimes after bathing, dandruff may appear. These are the consequences of improper rinsing. Wool needs to be rinsed from soapy water very carefully, it is possible with the addition of vinegar. A little vinegar will help to get shiny black and shimmering in the sun. After water procedures, risen must be dried. For this, both a normal hair dryer and an air dryer for dogs are suitable.

It is necessary to shear wool around the eyes, ears, on the pads of the paws. If you care properly and regularly, it will save you and your pet from numerous problems in the future.

But care and care does not end there. You should also pay attention to the eyes, ears, claws and nose of Riesen. The eyes and nose should always be clean, the ears should be cleaned after bathing from water and accumulated secretions. Nothing that should prevent the Schnauzer from seeing and hearing perfectly. Claws should be cut in time. The right care is daily walks in the fresh air, getting rid of parasites and worms. It is necessary to constantly pass all the planned examinations with a veterinarian and a cynologist.

For a small puppy it is necessary to create all favorable conditions for adaptation and socialization. Then all the expended forces will return to you in the form of a healthy and beautiful dog.

Possible diseases

Ризеншнауцер The list of diseases that are affected by Risenschnauzer include:

  • volvulus;
  • Bloating;
  • melanoma;
  • Lipoma;
  • cataract;
  • epilepsy;
  • Hypothyroidism;
  • Hip dysplasia;
  • Undescension of testicles;
  • diabetes;
  • glaucoma;
  • Retinal atrophy;
  • Pancreatitis.

In addition to the above, Risen Schnauzers tend to have problems with bladder and urination. Another genetic disease may be an allergy, expressed by ulcers and spots on the skin.

Education, training, training

Ризеншнауцер In spite of the fact that Rizen is clever and clever by nature, his development can not be neglected. This is fraught with consequences: after all, the characteristics of this beautiful breed and "trumpet" about the need to be engaged in any business or work. It is vitally important for them to learn something new in huge portions. If you add temperament, temper, independence, activity, overall dimensions and a lively character to all this, it becomes clear that without proper training, you can not do without it.

It is necessary to be patient and realize that the education and training of the Risenschnauzer is not an easy task and not for everyone. It is very important that all educational processes begin immediately after the pet is moved to the house of the new owner. Otherwise, the role of the owner can go to the feet of Riesen.

Even small rizen-karapuzy already differ in their stubbornness and their desire to rule. Therefore, from the first days he needs to gently but powerfully point out that there is time and place for eating, for sleeping and playing games. It is important to pay attention to how the puppy behaves with outsiders, not to let him trust others, but not to give vent to aggression. They should treat the strangers neutrally, but as if watching their behavior and actions.

Ризеншнауцер Experienced cynologists believe that the best option for education will be a game. In no case is violence. A dog should be interested in learning, but it's also not worth overworking. You should avoid screaming and any raising your voice on Riesen. It can ruin his personality. You need to be able to become his "leader". Also forget about the punishment. Schnauzers are very cunning and savvy. If suddenly the pet decided to cheat - answer him with the same cunning, and this will only help develop the sharpness of his mind. Do not indulge the whims of the puppy and pay attention to ignoring your commands. Demand full commitment and attention.

Before training it is better to walk and play with the dog. She should be a little hungry, but with good health. Praise Rysen at the first opportunity, so that it will be deserved. Use goodies. He must feel your love and pride in him.

And finally, I would like to note that the risen schnauzer is an intelligent pet for an intelligent host.


  1. We had such a dog! I'm still delighted with her. This is a wonder dog, very smart. I never messed up and did not foul at home. I did not throw myself on strangers without need. Again I want to start a rizen.


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