What machines are used for cutting a poodle and where to buy them?

Какие машинки используются для стрижки пуделя и где их купить

Poodle with its delicate and curly fur requires daily and very careful care. And haircut helps make this care less tedious.

It is best to cut a poodle with a typewriter, the choice of which should be fully conscious and depend on specific tasks.

Types of machines for cutting a poodle

Machines for cutting dogs differ in a number of parameters. It can be durability, running time without overheating, price. If there are several dogs in the house that need regular cutting, then it's worth choosing a professional machine with an electric motor with a reducer.

Какие машинки используются для стрижки пуделя и где их купить When leaving only one pet it will be enough for an amateur car with a vibrating drive and rigidly fixed knives. There are several basic haircuts that you can make a poodle, although their variations are innumerable and limited only by your imagination.

For example, as it is impossible by the way poodle is suitable machine with a device with which you can adjust the length of the hair after cutting from 0.5 to 3 mm. Additional plastic nozzles allow this range to be expanded to 15 mm. So you can do a very diverse haircuts.

Ears, paws and muzzle tend to be cut with mechanical machines that allow you to carefully remove a small amount of wool, as well as heavily soiled and wrinkled hair.

The most popular companies manufacturers of machines for cutting poodles

The most famous manufacturers of machines for cutting a poodle are:

  • Moser,
  • Andis,
  • Rex,
  • Oster,
  • Wahl,
  • Thrive.

Какие машинки используются для стрижки пуделя и где их купить The most popular tools are from the German company Moser. They are highly reliable when shearing and provide an excellent quality of care for the coat. They are of two types: vibrating (vibrating) and more powerful rotary.

To cut the poodle with its thin and soft wool, the model of the Moser 1400 rotary machine with a capacity of 10 watts is perfect. It does not overheat and has an air cooling system.

The largest manufacturer of machines for cutting dogs is the American company Wahl Clipper Corporation. It is her knives professionals who consider the most qualitative. High-power machines differ from Oster (USA), which due to their small size make it easy to cut a dog at home.

Excellent quality products of Aesculap (Germany), which has models suitable for cutting the smallest dogs, such as poodles. Andis, Flexi, Thrive, Artero make good technology using new technologies. Their machines take into account the difference in the structure and density of the wool of dogs of different breeds and you can choose the most convenient tool for cutting a poodle.


  1. And I heard that Moser is a good company. My friend trimer ordered the same company in joypet.ru. Inexpensive and most importantly easy, the hand will not get tired


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