Bullets (Hungarian water) - a fervent and faithful dog

Bullets the dog is Hungarian water - one of the outstanding breeds, the birthplace of which is Hungary. Originally, animals were used as shepherd of sheep, and today they are almost the most in demand pets. The appearance of the dog resembles the exterior of the commander , but the bullets are much smaller in size and color. Pets are known for increased activity and almost all the time are in motion. They will not let the owner get bored, always involving the household in their games. Consider the features of maintenance and care for the bullet.

Photo: Bullets (Hungarian water dog)
Photo: Bullets (Hungarian water dog)

About the origin of the bullet

The bullets breed a dog that was bred in Hungary and was intended to protect flocks. Some experts say that the dogs arrived in Hungary from India and Syria, along with the warlike invaders. Other researchers claim that the homeland of the bullet is China. This theory is also confirmed by the incredible similarity of pets with the Tibetan terrier.

In Hungary, bullets guarded the sheep during the day and drove the flocks to new pastures, at night they were replaced by larger dogs of the Kuvasz breed. In the early 17th century, western migrants brought German and French shepherds to Hungary, which led to the inevitable selection of bullets.

A more detailed study of the breed was exposed in 1900, when Professor Raishits began to classify Hungarian dogs. The first international standard was developed in 1915, in 1924 it underwent insignificant changes. The initial classification consisted of four varieties of a water shepherd:

  • Large - more than 47 cm at the withers;
  • Workers - about 42 cm at the withers;
  • Small - up to 38 cm at the withers;
  • Dwarf - about 24 cm at the withers.

Not all representatives of the breed were in demand as watchdogs of flocks, as a result of which only medium-sized pets are preserved today. Modern bullet is a popular enough breed, which often becomes a pet and takes part in international competitions.

External data of the bullet

Bullets are a medium sized dog that has a strong constitution with a light bones. The pet's body is somewhat thin, however, it has developed muscles. The animal's body is covered with thick wool, which forms hanging cords. The average height rarely exceeds 44 cm at the withers. The adult cable weighs up to 13 kg. Life expectancy of the water sheep dog exceeds 11 years. Note that the pureblood bullets have a white coat color. Common black colors indicate a partial mixture.

International Standard:

  1. Head - has a round shape, in profile resembles an ellipse;
  2. The skull is sufficiently miniature and thin, has well developed superciliary arches, the transition from the forehead to the base of the muzzle is practically invisible;
  3. Nose - small size, black color;
  4. Lips - have a dark pigmentation, fit tightly to the jaw;
  5. Teeth - pronounced scissor bite;
  6. Eyes - medium size, spaced, fairly wide, the expression "face" speaks of the developed intelligence of the animal;
  7. Eyelids - have a strong pigmentation in the tone of the nose, strongly adjacent to the eyes;
  8. The ears are set high, have a wide base, the hanging part is V-shaped, the tips are rounded;
  9. Neck - muscular, of medium length, covered with thick hair and placed at an angle of 40 degrees to the horizon;
  10. The body is a straight line of the top, the withers protrude somewhat above the top line, the back is muscular and straight, the loin is well developed, differs in small size, the thorax is long with obviously curved ribs;
  11. Tail - put high, in a relaxed state can reach the hock, in the process of playing wrapped around the circle;
  12. Forelimbs - the scapula is well inclined and closely adjacent to the chest, the shoulders have developed musculature, forearms are straight, have dry muscles, paws round with well-connected fingers, claws are black, the pads are elastic, have pigmentation in the color of the claws;
  13. Hind legs - widely spaced, the shins very muscular and long, the hocks are clearly pronounced, short puscles, the structure of the paws is similar to the forelegs;
  14. Skin - has a strong pigmentation, has no folds, the color of the epidermis is dark gray;
  15. Wool - thick, flowing, curly. The cover consists of a basic wool and an undercoat. The ostevoy hair is characterized by a rigid structure. The ratio of coat layers determines the nature of the hairline. In case of dominance of the wool coat, the entire cover has a coarse structure. In the case of dominance of the undercoat, the pet has a more docile and silky coat;
  16. Dynamics - rapid and vigorous movements, a wide step, trot movements are often replaced by jumps, the pet likes to move around in circles.

Interesting facts about the breed

Bullets breed of dogs was appreciated for a long time, in ancient times for a puppy of a water sheepdog could give a whole cow. Shepherds could not do without the help of intelligent and savvy dogs, who perfectly controlled the flocks and protected their attacks of wild animals. Despite the high value of the puppies, care for them was extremely poor. Animals could not feed at all or give a few pieces of rye bread.

Requirements for the bullets were overestimated: for any error in the work of the shepherd, the dog could be suspended on a rope over a well. At the same time, the pet managed to maintain a friendly disposition and love for people. Today, breeders work only to improve the appearance of the animal, considering its psychological portrait almost ideal.

Character and behavior

Bullets are excellent Dogs are companions for active families. The dog is very bright and has an endless supply of energy. At the same time, the water shepherd is the owner of a large and open heart, ready to give himself all the rest to the owner. Bullets can in no way be called lazy, they need long and intensive training. The ideal home for dogs is a country estate where the pet can run, jump and play without restrictions.

Walking with bullets is a mandatory daily program, and they should be performed several times a day. A water shepherd is distinguished by a developed intelligence, so games for her must be appropriate. Interesting and cognitive lessons from bullets will protect owners from damage to furniture and footwear . In a state of boredom, an animal can find entertainment on its own and bring troubles to household members.

Bullets must be closely monitored by someone and guarded. If the house has no other animals or small children, the pet will begin to "chase" the owners. Home favorite is sensitive to the children of the owners, but to "strange" kids can show some dislike.

Bullets - the dog is quite independent. The mission of protection and protection imposed on him forces the pet to make own decisions and to live in an independent mode. Therefore, training a pet can cause difficulties. Beginning to train bullets is recommended from an early age. The master must prove himself in the role of leader and form the right attitude of the dog to the teams.

The best results of training give aggressiveness and methods of encouragement. Bullets are extremely suspicious of strangers, tend to be aggressive. Therefore, household members should accustom the animal to the fact that guests in the house - this is normal, they do not pose a threat.

The bullet is well developed hunter's instinct, so before you go with the pet for a walk , you should wear a muzzle and leash on it. Otherwise, the dog may begin to pursue the "victim" without paying attention to the host's commands. If you live in your own home, you need to install high protected fences, because the bullet is famous for its jumps and can overcome the "obstacle".

In dealing with the dog, you should exercise tact, without raising your voice even for small tricks. Otherwise, the bullets will be very upset until they stop eating.

Bullet care - what it should be

  • Wool - despite the stiffness and abundance of the hairline, care of the water sheep dog to ugliness is simple. You do not need to comb the animal, just divide the existing cords. A pleasant feature of the pet is the absence of molting;
  • Bathing is a rare procedure, necessary only if the dog is really dirty. Recommended specialized cosmetics for animals, since the skin of the bullet is very sensitive to the constituents of shampoos. The use of a dryer for drying is highly undesirable;
  • Physical activity - the pet needs daily training, it is desirable to find a spacious courtyard or park, where you can run with obstacles. A water shepherd will make an excellent company during long walks;
  • Teeth - bullets have a powerful jaw with strong teeth. Additional care in the form of brushing is not necessary, however it is recommended to purchase special bones in the pet store. This will also prevent the appearance of tartar;
  • Ears - it is recommended to inspect the pet once a week, so that no growth of wax or infection develops in the ears. Clean them with moistened cotton swabs in cosmetics;
  • Health - strong and hardy dog, which is not afraid of almost no diseases. The hosts should regularly inspect the thick coat of animals for the appearance of parasites.

Water dog - what to feed?

Despite the average size of the pet, they do not eat bullets a bit. The animal is equally well suited as a natural menu, and a dry balanced feed. If you choose the second option, you need at least 1 kg of feed per day. In doing so, do not forget to encourage the water sheep dog with meat delicacies and make sure that there is always clean water in the bowl of the animal.

The diet of natural food is extremely simple, since bullets are not whimsical in nutrition. Pet will be happy to lean on meat, cereals, vegetables and fruits. The taste of the breed also includes dairy products. It is recommended to feed the animal once a day. It is desirable at the same time. After the meal, do not let the pet calmly rest, as the bullets are still prone to fatness, even despite increased activity.

Puppy puppies are also omnivorous. For them, dry food for the younger generation is perfect. As practice shows, modern fodders fully satisfy all the demands of the growing organism.

Unwanted products for water sheep:

  1. Fatty meats, especially pork. The stomach of the pet copes much better with boiled beef and chicken;
  2. Bones - in spite of the fact that the dog likes to whip his teeth, hard food can harm the health of the gums, it is better to give a bone purchased in specialized shops;
  3. Milk - extremely negatively affects the work of the pet's stomach, it is better to replace the milk with curd or cheese;
  4. Chocolate - causes allergic reactions, replace the product with special treats from the pet store.

Features of training

Bullets are a dog that is left to itself and makes its own decisions. The breed is not inclined to express flattery to the master and may refuse to perform tricks if they seem stupid to her. For the most part, dogs tend to listen to the host, but in some situations they can make decisions that are more correct in their opinion.

An ideal variant of training puppies is the game form. Bullets love activity and are ready to perform commands if they are interesting to the dog. Developed intelligence allows the animal to understand what it is possible to get goodies, so do not forget about the incentives.

Breed of Bullets - pros and cons

The breed with a pretty and funny look won the love of many families. Bullets are clever, intelligent and agile. They always meet the owners "with a smile", are friendly and friendly. The dog is well suited for large families, where you can play with the kids and demonstrate their devotion to grown-up households.

However, the breed may have subjective, but disadvantages:

  • The need for long walks;
  • Frequent barking, which the pet warns the owners about any surprises. A dog can make a noise if people walk by the house;
  • Watchful and warlike attitude towards the guests;
  • The bullet always shrouds household members with increased attention, this may not appeal to those people who love solitude and silence.

Photo of the bullet

Photo of the bullet
Photo of the bullet
Photo: Puppy of a breed of bullet
Photo: Puppy of a breed of bullet

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