The dog's howl - the genesis of the "bad habit" and the reasons for its formation

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Dog's howling is very common behavior among pets, which can cause anxiety and even anxiety among household members. In addition to personal discomfort, you can cause inconvenience to neighbors "due to" irrepressible behavior of the animal. The causes of howling are hidden in the close relationship of dogs with wolves, from which pets have inherited a "bad habit". Let us consider the main causes that cause barking and methods of combating them. ( 21 types howling )

Dog's howling is the main way of communication. Communication and dialects

Howling is the main way of communication in dogs. Mostly they use it to communicate their location. This habit has got to modern dogs from wild wolves. Predatory beasts, wandering in the forest, sometimes lost sight of each other, so they began to howl, reporting their dislocation or asking other members of the pack to come to the call.

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This feature is pronounced in puppies. When they remain alone, they instinctively begin to call their kindred voices. The kid has got used to be in a circle of mother and brothers, therefore in the first days after its moving to the new house the "voice" will be cut very often.

Why does the dog howl?

Another reason is the response to the sounds of another animal that the human ear can not perceive. It has long been proven that the hearing of dogs is more subtle and can catch the slightest fluctuations. Despite approximately the same range with a human (8.5 octaves), pets are able to distinguish notes, with a difference of only one eighth tone.

This explains why pets are so well oriented to the sound of a shepherd's whistle. In addition, howling, which uses pets, has many dialects and accents. For example, Eastern breeds use monotonic and lower sound when communicating. American breeds resort to repeated and higher fluctuations. By how the animal howls, you can determine its origin.

Physiological aspect

Many scientists agree that the howling of a dog is a purely physiological phenomenon influenced by the phases of the moon. In the New Moon period, the forces of the Moon and the Sun have an equal nature, gravitational equilibrium and a strong sleep are observed. During the Full Moon, the forces of the two heavenly bodies enter into battle, and the gravitational background becomes unstable.

Even the human body, which is not too sensitive in this respect, reacts sharply to cosmic changes, resulting in insomnia. Dogs feel this impact even sharper. Full moon is for them a catalyst for vivacity, animals do not sleep and become aggressive (which is typical of a person when they are not enough).

Pets do not feel safe, feel the influence of the moon and express their emotions - fear and irritation. As a result, a howl is born. Scientists note that most indoor dogs are prone to voice only during the full moon period.

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Ear for music

The sharp hearing of the pet allows him not only to distinguish sounds from a distance, but also to react to musical works. If approved, the dog begins to whine or howl. Unfortunately, the voice of dogs is not as well developed as hearing, so it's impossible to get into the beat of the song with the pets.

However, their howling, they express a love for playing music, try to repeat its motives. If the dog does not like the music that is playing in the room, then most likely it will just leave it without producing a single sound.

Pets have excellent hearing, which catches various changes in the environment. Dogs hear well if the electric saw starts to work in the distance, a train passes by, a phone rang in the next apartment or a car rides along the street. Therefore, they can begin to howl, signaling movement outside the house. In this case pets perform the role of guard.

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Dog's howling: social reasons for howling

  • The period of growing up - the transition period from a puppy to an adult, experienced cynologists are called "languor". At this time there is an active growth phase, the body of the dog is often reconstructed. Dog's howling is a reaction to constant changes and new sensations. This behavior is short-term, it can last up to 4 months. If you do not want to endure howling, then for loud behavior the dog can be punished loyally;
  • Lack of attention - animals tend to show their voice when they become lonely. Pets, accustomed to constant affection, react extremely painfully to the lack of a host nearby. They instinctively begin to call him, they try to attract attention. There are a number of breeds that, by their nature, can not remain alone. In isolation, they begin to "scream". Nervous animals are also inclined to manifest a howling. They begin to make sounds as soon as you slam the door, thereby expressing their protest;
  • Sharp contrast - dogs that sit on the chain, howl much more often than pets. This is because the pet, feeling freedom, begins to yearn for one place near the booth. He understands that his freedom is again limited and therefore begins to express dissatisfaction;
  • Natural desire - like any other creatures, dogs need to reproduce. An adult male can smell the smell of a female for hundreds of meters. Unable to realize desires, the pet begins to howl. Penalties in this case will not be effective. It is recommended to be patient and forgive your caretaker for an already difficult period for him. Sounds from the dog will stop if you regularly drive it on the mating;
  • A manifestation of joy - yes, annoying man howling, can be not only a sign of the sadness of a pet, but also of his joy. If the owner has been on a business trip for a long time, the dog will most likely meet him not only with wagging his tail, but also with loud barking. Animals also succumb to emotions, one of the few ways to express them is howl.

What else can bother the dog - other reasons why the dog howls:

  1. Disease - the owner is difficult to control the health of the pet, especially when it comes to internal diseases. Dogs tend to behave as if nothing had happened, and many animals hide signs of illness intentionally. However, there are cases when a pet expresses his pain with the help of a voice. It is recommended to immediately take the dog to a consultation with a veterinarian;
  2. Physiological reasons - maybe you just forgot to feed the dog before going to bed or change the water for it? Perhaps she was cold or wet under the rain? With the help of howling, the animal can ask you for care;
  3. Warning of trouble - dogs have a special flair that allows them to anticipate future events. Even scientists recognize the fact that a dog can notify an imminent death. Due to the developed scent, dogs notice a special change in the smell of a dying person. Developed 6th sense of pets allows them to warn households about fires and other troubles.

Почему собака воет?

Howling dogs and folk signs:

  • Why the dog howls at the house - to a quick robbery or a fire;
  • Howling dog, looking at the moon - to a sharp change in the weather;
  • Looking at the floor - to the death of the owner or one of the household;
  • Looking at the ceiling - to trouble that will happen to neighbors;
  • Howling dog, looking directly - to problems in the financial plan, to speak verbatim, then to famine in the family;
  • Why the dog howls on the floor - a warning about his own death;
  • Howling dog for a long time, following a man - a warning about the "black streak" in the life of the owner, about quick adversities and financial difficulties.

These reasons are nothing more than superstition. In some cases, the signs are confirmed, but this does not indicate their infallibility. If your dog howls, then the first thing it is recommended to show the veterinarian, and not pay attention to where its muzzle is directed.

Struggling with bad habit

If a pet's howl is not caused by illness or discomfort, then it is necessary to fight with the bad habit of a four-legged friend. If the reaction of the pet is observed only in those periods when he hears a certain melody or sound, then it is necessary to wait until the "stimulus" disappears. In order to protect neighbors from the reactions of the pet, the cynologists recommend leaving the dog on TV with a quiet program that will distract the pet.

Caring for your comfort and comfort of the surrounding neighbors is very important, as the latter have every right to turn to the district police officer to solve the problem. Complaints about howling dogs in the daytime will not be successful, but if your pet continues to behave badly after 22.00, then you will be punished with an administrative fine. And relations with neighbors will be significantly spoiled.

Вой собаки. Почему собака воет? Методы борьбы

Many dogs begin to voice their voice in order to attract your attention. To eliminate the habit, it is necessary not to succumb to the provocation of the dog. During the howling, the pet should become invisible in the family for a while. Let him know that he can not manipulate you with barking. Ignoring the animal's "sonorous behavior" will not show the effectiveness of his measures and he will stop howling. The methods of punishment will not be effective, but will only lead to a more loud and prolonged barking.

If the fault of the dog's bad behavior is really the missing attention, and not the whims, then the animal should be taught to treat your care more loyally. To do this, start dressing before the eyes of the pet, letting you know that you are leaving. Then go out literally for 10-15 minutes beyond the stairwell, so that the dog does not smell your scent. You can visit the nearest store or just go down to the next floor. The main thing - that your absence was really not long.

After you come back and reward the dog with affection. The pet will begin to understand that the departure of the owner is not always a long time, will cease constantly to howl, learn to wait patiently for the return of the household.

Alternative methods of struggle:

  • The teaching of the commands "voice is quiet". A pet needs to say "voice" when it begins to howl. Then give the command "quietly". Of course, the animal does not immediately clatter, but as soon as it happens - give the dog a tasty encouragement. Just a few repetitions of the teams will give the pupil an idea of ​​how to deserve the desired dish, and in time, additions in the form of food will not be needed at all;
  • Noise insulation - used in cases where there is no time or opportunity to wean the pet from howling. This option will be beneficial for the owners themselves, and for the neighbors of the pet;
  • A special collar is a new and very controversial means of combating howling. The collar reacts to sound vibrations and, if present, affects the pet with a slight current shock. This action makes the dog silent, the collar is effective, but it traumatizes the psychological state of the dog and destroys the psychological health;
  • Use of cynologist services - experts are well versed in the psychology of dogs, they can quickly identify the cause of howling, as well as eliminate it;
  • Physical activity - often households have enough active breeds of dogs that simply need constant training and tasks. Out of boredom, they literally begin to go crazy. As a result, such an unpleasant phenomenon as howling appears. Increasing the number or duration of walks, you will be able to deal with this problem. It is recommended to walk dogs in parks with obstacle courses or take pets with canine sports. At the same time, pay attention to the mental stresses that are so necessary for working breeds. If you manage to exhaust the dog, then the probability of a voice in the evening is reduced to zero.


We examined the main reasons why the dog howls, most of them are objective in nature - in other words, the pet warns or asks you for something. Therefore, it is by no means possible to react to the manifestation of the dog's voice in an aggressive manner. The dog's howling has historically been used by man as a signal of threat, and therefore modern ways of communication have changed little.

You can not raise a hand on a pet or apply stringent penalties, since often barking is a signal of health problems or discomfort. The dog will not howl just like that, so if you find a problem, first try to pay more attention to the four-footed boy, take a walk with him, feed him. If barking does not stop, then be sure to contact the veterinarian.


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