Kinetosis in dogs. What are the signs of kinetosis?

Собаку укачивает в машине: что делать

Recently, scientists have conducted studies on the possible swaying of dogs in the car and were amazed. It turns out that most pets suffer extremely poorly on their travels on a vehicle, and simply put it on them. Many owners faced such a problem, and their struggle did not always have a positive result. It turned out that even a global network does not have enough information on this issue. Some information is available, but most of it is myths and rumors, recommending, for example, before a trip to make an anesthesia to the dog. The following material will help dog lovers understand the problem and understand the sequence of actions in difficult situations.

Find out if the dog suffers with kinetosis, it's quite simple, on a regular trip, watch the pet. The following signs of kinetosis in dogs will appear :

  1. Increased salivation.
  2. Rapid breathing along with frequent swallowing and licking of the nose.
  3. Severe anxiety.
  4. Sometimes belching or even vomiting.

Experienced dog breeders in this situation are guided by Nadezhda Khripunova's "Program of Accustoming to the Machine." This dog training procedure is distinguished by the duration of training and is only available to specialists in the field who devote all their time to the ward.

How to accustom a dog to the car?

Собаку укачивает в машине If the dog is rocking in the car, we will give some advice . At the initial stage of training, the animal must be fed only in the car, if you are ready to go for such "sacrifices", then the course will be up to you. The technique, of course, consists not only of feeding, but of certain games, designed for dozens of training trips. On average, the program lasts a month and, perhaps, will be effective, but on condition that you have the time and energy to complete the training.

There are tips less complex and accessible to the dog lover, whose reasonableness has justified itself in practice. Driving the car in which the pet is located should be calm, without sudden movements and turns. Braking and speed dialing in a smooth mode will be comfortable both for the pet and for the passengers, especially those who are in the back seat. A slightly opened window will allow oxygen to flow unhindered and facilitate the path. Smoking and flavors for the car are strictly prohibited. Such simple rules are fairly objective and effective.

Kinetosis , as a veterinary question, is quite young, earlier studies were not sufficient, and recommendations from veterinarians were sometimes not entirely adequate. For example, for the sake of an easier road, the dog was offered to give dimedrol or another sedative. This technique presupposed a quiet sleep on the road, however, the animal no longer attracted any further measures, the goal ceased to justify the means.

Veterinarians found themselves in the field of kinetosis inadequate knowledge. Today's developments offer drugs that prevent motion sickness of animals. Such medications should be used cautiously, only after acquaintance with the instructions, because the dosage depends directly on the body weight of the animal. Modern research in the field of kinetosis gives a clear concept of the nature of motion sickness, which contributes to the development of effective techniques for the prevention of vomiting.

Transportation of an animal in a vehicle carries many different impulses, which has a tremendous impact on the vestibular apparatus of the animal. As a rule, the animal in the car looks at the floor, and the oscillation of it leads the brain into confusion. Movement occurs, but visually the animal does not observe it.

Как приучить собаку к машине, чтобы ее не укачивало?

Adding and dropping speed, turning, etc., bring the impulses to a certain limit and provoke vomitive reflexes. In the fight against vomiting, the dogs have a remarkably proven "Serenia" remedy . This European drug is only two years old, but it has already become a hit of sales. One of the advantages of the drug is the lack of the need to leave the pet hungry. He does not have sedative manifestations, so the pet keeps a cheerful mood, and the safety of the drug adds another plus to the piggy bank. The drug allows you to keep the blockage of gag reflexes for up to 48 hours, but to achieve a full-fledged effect, it is strictly to follow the instructions.

Summing up the aforesaid, I would like to note that:

  • Как приучить собаку к машине If the dog is rocking in the car, it can be persistently accustomed to the car, bearing all the burdens that accompany the process;
  • You can try sedatives and reduce the activity of the animal. However, the health of your beloved pet deserves attention, especially since medicine does not stand still. The use of modern medicine can solve the existing problem with minimal effort.


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