The dog saved the life of a pregnant woman and her baby

Собака спасла жизнь беременной женщине

A 21-year-old Englishwoman in a social network described how her dog saved her and her future child's life. The dog helped the family twice. The first time - when I took out a test for pregnancy from the trash, in the beginning it showed a negative result. So the owner of the dog realized that she was mistaken and will soon become a mother.

The second time the dog literally begged the girl to do something when during pregnancy she felt a pain in her back and decided to relax on the couch. Suspected of something wrong, the girl went to the clinic, where she was diagnosed seriously - inflammation of the kidneys and infection. The girl was cured, and a few months later the family was replenished.

According to the hostess, the dog spends with the kid all the time , trying not to depart from it.


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