TOP-20: records of dogs in the Guinness Book of Records

Рекорды собак в книге рекордов Гиннеса

The Guinness Book of Records is a very popular publication, which is updated and published every year. In an amazing collection not only unusual achievements of a person are brought, it is possible to find on the pages of the book records of friends of our smaller dogs. Here there are pets born with unique features, as well as animals that have achieved certain results by long training. Consider the most entertaining records of dogs.

Record # 1 - striking size

Guinness World Records the largest dog In the list of "the most dogs" in terms of their size, the championship was won by the Blue Dane George. Pet has an impressive growth, which is 2, 13 meters. Characteristics of the dog are included in the world collection:

  • The distance from the shoulder to the feet is 1, 10 meters;
  • The distance from the tail to the nose is 2, 21 meters;
  • The weight of the champion is 110 kilograms.

Guinness World Records the largest dog The owner of the mastiff is American Dave Nasser, who lives in Arizona. Approximate diet of the dog for a month exceeds 60 kg of food. The dog has its own bed, which is notable for its size. Dave bought a pet at the age of six months and did not expect that George would reach this size.

George is the biggest dog in the world The dog's parameters are so great that it hardly fits in the back seat of Dave's SUV. The predecessor of the blue mastiff was the Danish Great Dane named Gibson. However, the dog died at the end of 2009 from cancer. Now George is the largest dog in the world.

Record number 2 - the smallest pet

Guinness records the smallest dog The reverse achievement from the first record is the smallest size of a Chihuahua nicknamed Milli. The growth of the pet hardly exceeds 9 centimeters. The mistress of the dog is Vanessa, who lives in Puerto Rico. Millie "dwells" in an apartment and rarely goes outside. If the pet leaves the walls of his home, then only in the hands of his mistress. This is because, due to its size, Millie is very fragile. Her paws are so thin that she can get a fracture from a simple fall from her chair.

Guinness records the smallest dog

The hostess does not walk along the street with the dog and for the reason that it is easy to lose in the dense grass due to minimal growth. Millie is very friendly and willingly photographed with the surrounding people who are surprised at the size of the dog and want to take a picture.

Guinness records the smallest dog Milly

Today Milly reached the age of 2 years, and her weight does not exceed 400 grams. When the dog was a puppy, it could easily fit in a tablespoon. At this time, the pet set his first record in the category "the smallest puppy".

Record number 3 - long-liver

Dogs Guinness World Records differ not only in amazing sizes, but also in life expectancy. The first dog, which managed to set a record for longevity was the Austrian shepherd, whose age was more than 29 years. The pet has guarded the flocks of sheep all his life and led an active life, thanks to which he got on the pages of an amazing collection.

Another contender for the championship was the dog Bel, who managed to live 29 years and 193 days, 33 days more than the Austrian shepherd. Perhaps Bela could have boasted and more solid age, but the landlady decided to put the pet to sleep because of her health condition. Bela was not included in the book, as she did not have any documents confirming her date of birth.

Today's record holder is a terrier named Max. His age is 29 years and 240 days. The owner of the animal does not render Max special care and fed his dog food all his life.

Record number 4 - the most expensive cable

The most expensive dog of our time is the Tibetan mastiff. The breed has an unusual appearance, fluffy hair and bright reddish color. At the same time, mastiffs are devoted friends of the person and have an accommodating nature. It is likely that these features have made the breed the most expensive in the world.

The cost of the puppy varies within the following limits:

  • In Russia - from 3 000 to 14 000 dollars;
  • In Tibet - about $ 100,000;
  • The most expensive puppy purchased a multimillionaire for 1.5 million dollars.

Record number 5 - the thickest pet

The thickest dog in the world The problem of excess weight is not only faced by people, but also by their pets. The pages of the collection refer to records of dogs with the greatest weight. The record holder in this area is a border collie named Cassie. The animal lives in the English county. Cassie's weight reached 58 kg, which is 4 times the norm of this breed!

The thickest dog in the world

The reason for the "rounded figure" of a dog is a banal wrong food. The dog was mostly fed fried food and sweets. The dog's weight is critical, so she does not even have the ability to move independently.

The employees of the orphanage recognized the "problem" of Cassie and took her to rehabilitation. After several months of working with the pet and switching to the right food, Cassie started to move on her own. Employees of the shelter promise that they will be able to return the animal to its usual form.

Record number 6 - the richest representative of canine

Devotion to pets can be rewarded not only by a good attitude towards them, but also by a decent will. German Shepherd Gunther is the richest in the world. She belonged to the countess, who after her death bequeathed all her means to a shepherd. To date, the dog's condition is more than 300 million dollars.

The means are disposed of by the people indicated in the will of the countess, who have the honor to care for the pet. Therefore, funds are regularly spent on charity in animal shelters. Gunther has a progeny, which on official grounds will become the owner of the father's funds.

Record # 7 - amazing balancing

Dog Records Metis Collie and Australian Shepherd nicknamed Sweet Pie has a unique ability - it's like a member of a circus group can keep a glass of water on his head and move with it, not a strait, not a drop. Sweet pies belong to just two records. The first - the dog managed to pass 10 steps with a glass on his head with a total weight of 150 g. At the same time, the dog returned to the original, having passed the stage again backwards.

The second record of the half-breed is to overcome the distance of 100 meters in 2 minutes 40 seconds. On the head of the dog was a tin can. The owner of the Sweet Pie spent more than two years to teach his pet such a trick.

Record # 8 - the heaviest breeds:

  • St. Bernard Benedict - the weight of the pet is more than 140 kg with the growth of 98 centimeters;
  • St. Bernard Hayden - weight 138 kg with a growth of 87 centimeters;
  • English mastiff - weight 133 kg with a height of 95 centimeters.

Record # 9 - the highest

German dog named Gibson is the highest representative of the canine world. Its height is 2 meters 15 centimeters. The hostess of the dog is engaged in professional breeding of the breed and lives in California. The hostess gives Gibson special attention, monitors his diet and rhythm of life.

Dog is popular with advertising agents who repeatedly invited a pet to shoot various social projects. Dog often withdrew in the company of the smallest dog in the world, which creates a special contrast.

Record number 10 - the most jumping:

  1. The champion of high jumps is the male Steg, who managed to jump over the wall, a height of 3 meters 50 centimeters;
  2. German shepherd crossed the barrier in the form of a smooth wall height of 5, 6 meters;
  3. The dog Olya took first place in the high jump - her result is 1.5 meters.

Record number 11 - the most enduring:

  • St. Bernard Brady shifted a huge cargo weighing 3,000 kilograms. These were the railroad tracks that the dog managed to move in 1978;
  • St. Bernard Tief - he managed to drag the above described cargo by means of a special cart for a distance of 4.8 meters;
  • The most powerful dog, considering its own weight, is the Newfoundland Barbara, who dragged 2,300 kg along the concrete surface.

Record number 12 - the fastest

The fastest dog in the world The fastest breed is considered to be hunting, the peculiarity of which is determined by their "use" by humans - pets develop a high speed to catch prey. The breed is distinguished by an amazing composition of genes, which does not require improvement. Grayshounds are the only breed in the world that has not been crossed with other canine representatives to complement a set of useful qualities.

The breed is recognized as the best runners for short distances. They are capable of speeds of up to 60 km per hour, and in the throw even about 90 km per hour. At the same time dogs have a fragile physique and a very tiny weight of 30-38 kg.

The champion among the "brothers" was the dog Star, who managed to develop a speed of 67 km per hour. With such a "companion" on the hunt, you do not need to have a weapon, because a pet can catch up with any prey.

Record # 13 - developed mind and wit

Comparison of pets is not only external parameters. Scientists began to search for the most intelligent breed that can be trained, easily gets along with people, quickly adapts to unfamiliar surroundings and is able to make their own decisions without specifying the master. This breed was a collie collar. The conducted experiments revealed the best results in a number of "mental" tasks in comparison with other breeds. Developed savvy and predisposition to learning are the following dogs:

  • poodle;
  • Doberman;
  • German Shepherd;
  • Labrador;
  • Husky.

In the course of their studies, scientists also revealed the least "smart" breed - the Afghan greyhound. The dog has a very beautiful appearance, but does not perceive commands well and often does not learn the information. This does not mean that the breed is hopeless. However, training will take more time and patience.

Record # 14 - the rarest breed

Some breeds of dogs are endangered, including Chinook. The breed was considered to have disappeared for a long time, but in 1981 it was discovered 12 Chinook animals. After that the dog breeders took active measures for the breeding of pets, but their number is still critically low.

The rarest breed is Chinook

No less rare is the Eskimo dog, the number of its representatives in 1975 was only 100 individuals. Today, scientists create conditions for the reproduction of animals, but their number is still on the verge of extinction - only 300 dogs around the world. The cost of a puppy of this breed starts from 8,000 dollars.

Record # 15 - the longest ears

Dog breed Basset Hound named Jeffrey is the owner of the longest ears in the world. Their length is more than 30 centimeters. The animal experiences constant discomfort due to non-standard sizes, since the ears constantly fall into a bowl and prevent it from eating. When walking, they often develop in the wind, Jeffrey constantly attacks them when walking and is often injured.

Dog basset hound Jeffrey's longest ears in the world

The hostess takes care of her pet, so she ties up the ears of the dog with the help of a rubber band. The previous record holder for the length of the ears was the genetic grandfather Jeffrey. Apparently this gene is inherited.

The hostess values ​​the pet's special value so much that she insured his ears for a quite impressive amount - $ 48,000. Jeffrey's ears are not proportional and have different lengths: the right one is 35 centimeters, the left one is 32 centimeters.

Record number 16 - the most terrible dog

An unusual nomination in the Guinness Book of Records, the owner of which was the Chinese Crested by the name of Sam. Discover the winner helped the contest, which is held in California. Here, the owners represent the most ugly dogs, and the winner receives a prize of $ 1000. Sam took the lead in this contest for more than 3 years.

The most terrible dog

Probably, a series of dog victories would continue, but the pet died of cancer. Despite the frightening appearance, he was the favorite of the family, in which he lived more than 15 years.

Record number 17 - the most prolific:

  • Greyhound, nicknamed Low pressure is the record for the number of born puppies. The dog is the father of more than 2,400 puppies that have been officially registered;
  • A dog named Lena of the breed American Foxgound is the mother with many children - 24 puppies are in her litter;
  • St. Bernard Ann also has an increased fertility - she gave birth to 23 puppies, 14 of whom did not survive;
  • The Irish Setter bitch became the mother of 22 puppies in 1974. Only 15 puppies from the litter survived;
  • Tia of the Mastiff breed gave birth to 23 puppies and set a new survival record - only 4 puppies from the litter died.

Record number 18 - swimmers

It is known that dogs are born swimmers. They easily overcome great distances and love water. However, some representatives have special skills. The record holders are two Labradors named Gipsi and Kai, who swam across the bay for 15, 6 km. This record was put together with their owner Steve Fisher. Dogs coped with the task in just 6 hours and 18 minutes.

Record # 19 - record-breakers in the number of awards at contests

A special talent for performances and the performance of teams was demonstrated by the German Shepherd Mystic. She is the owner of more than 270 awards. The dog takes part in competitions almost monthly. Its owner is an American James Moser. He had been involved in raising a pet since childhood, without using the services of specialized animal trainers.

No less talented is a knot of Scotch-terrier named Close. The mistress of the record is an American living in Florida. In his entire life, the pet became the owner of 204 awards.

Record # 20 - a dog walking on its hind legs

A unique feature developed in the Vera dog, which has birth defects of the forelimbs. Because of this, the pet can not move like the rest of its relatives. However, the masters of the Faith taught her to use her hind legs for movement, now the dog walks like a man.

A dog walking on its hind legs



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