Rare breeds of dogs

Фото: Тибетский мастиф
Photo: Tibetan Mastiff (rare breed of dogs)

Rare dog breeds in the world are many. It can be very large, and medium, and very small, decorative individuals. There are many reasons why rare breeds of dogs are considered such: little-known, low popularity, poor selection, prevalence in only one region and others.

TOP 10: The Rarest Dog Breeds

The rarest dogs of small breeds:

1. Affenpinscher

Small, playful, mobile dogs that will become a wonderful friend and companion for their master. Covered with thick, harsh, shaggy wool, the color of which can be gray, brown or black, different shades are allowed ( description of the affenpinscher breed ).

Height - 23-29 cm at the withers, weight - 3-5 kg. The characteristic features of the affenpinscher are a prominent chin with long mustaches and beard, attentive eyes peeping out from under the bushy eyebrows. Outwardly, these rare dogs are somewhat like monkeys. Usually they are stopped by ears and tail.

Аффенпинчер фото
Photo: Rare breeds of dogs (Affenpinscher)

Previously, the affenpinchers were kept in the stables for catching rats. Later they began to live more in the boudoir of the ladies and to catch mice. Now it is a decorative breed of dogs, differing, however, with courage and willingness to intercede for their masters. Contain this breed can be in the apartment and outside the city, but it's better indoors. The dog is very active, so you need to make long regular walks with it. Affenpincher should be held on a leash, as they are extremely curious, and if they feel threatened, they can rush. Training is well suited, but can be quite stubborn because of its nature. Affenpinschers do not shed, this is one of the great advantages of the breed.

2. The Brussels Griffon

Small dogs are 26-32 cm tall at the withers. Color - fiery red, a black mask is allowed. At the moment, they can be safely included in the list of "the rarest breeds of dogs," since after the Second World War in Belgium they were not left. Now the breed is gradually reviving.

Брюссельский грифом - редкая порода

The dog is covered with a long, thick coat, has a very expressive look. Brussels Griffons are very smart - they feel the mood of the host well and know how to behave in this or that situation. These dogs are real diplomats - they easily get along with all household members and can make friends even with cats.

Brussels Griffons are full of dignity, they are stubborn and willful. Therefore, in education you will have to show enough patience and affection.

3. Chinese Crested Dog (rare breed)

The unusual appearance of this breed immediately attracts attention. These are small dogs 23-35 cm in height and weighing 2-6 kg, most of them have practically no hair on the body. There are three types of wool cover:

  • Powderpuff. The whole body is covered with soft, rather long hair. But these are the rarest dogs in the breed, since the Chinese crested with abundant woolen cover you meet infrequently.
  • Conies. Abundant hair is present on the tail, neck, head and ears, there are separate hairs on the body. The most common kind.
  • Naked dogs . The dog does not have a wool cover, a small amount of wool may be present near the scapula or in the upper part of the hind legs.
Китайская хохлатая собака (редкая порода)
Photo: Chinese Crested Dog (rare breed)

The character is friendly, very attached to its owner. These are not guards or hunters, but friends and companions who like to play with you, love children and easily get along with them with due treatment.

4. Russian Toy Terrier

Русский той-терьер The breed became popular in Russia even before the revolution, when the fashion "for everything English" reigned. After the revolution of 1917, the number of breeds declined sharply, and after the Second World War, there were almost no such dogs. But in Russia, breeders from several cities took up an active revival of the breed. In the conditions of the "Iron Curtain" had to derive its standards, which differed from the English. So the Russian toy-terrier appeared.

At first they were dogs with absolutely smooth and short hair. But later the second kind of Russian toy-terrier - with long hair was removed. Now in the breed there are both kinds.

These rare dogs have a height of 20-28 cm, weight - up to 3 kg. Very friendly and loving to their master. To strangers are cautious, but if they see a benevolent attitude, they can make friends.

5. Lyon Bichon

Cамые редкие собаки в мире In 1960, recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the rarest of dogs, since at that time there were only a few individuals.

A dog of French origin, a relative of a poodle and a lapdog. Height - 21-31 cm, weight - 3-6 kg. Has an elongated, melkovyuschuyusya, fluffy hair. The tail is short, a little tossed on the back.

Dogs need to be cut and combed periodically, the most popular haircut, as it is easy to guess - "under the lion." Lyon Bichon is perfectly suited as a pet. He loves the owner and all household members, very devoted. Not against active games, he prefers to be in the spotlight, he can find a language with cats.

The rarest dogs of medium and large size

1. Chinook

Самая редкая порода - Чинук It is believed that this is one of the rarest, if not the rarest dogs in the world . Despite the growing popularity, there are very few individuals.

These are sled dogs, capable of carrying heavy loads and running fast. Height - 54-68 cm, weight - 28-42 kg. Chinooks are beautiful golden color, large enough, so they are not suitable for keeping in an apartment. It is best to keep them in a spacious aviary in a private house and make regular walks. Chinooks are very intelligent and devoted dogs, they treat others with distrust. But they are not aggressive, they do not bark again. Chinooks are fine guards, selflessly defending their masters. She was in the Guinness Book of Records .

2. The New Guinea Singing Dog

Новогвинейская поющая собака редкая порода Named because of the unusual sounds that they are able to publish, like a kind of singing. Distributed in New Guinea, live both in wild conditions and in people's homes.

They can be included in the list of "the rarest breeds of dogs", as their popularity as pets began to decrease. Due to impurities in the breed, the New Guinean dogs were on the verge of extinction, but the breeders managed to catch a few purebred breeds, so it is gradually reviving. They are mainly found in Australian zoos.

They are small, well-built dogs. Height - 33-46 cm, weight - 8-13 kg. Completely not domesticated, therefore to education it is necessary to concern very responsibly. With the right approach, they will be very affectionate and loyal to the master. The breed is suitable only for experienced trainers.

3. The Czechoslovak Whip

The breed was produced by crossing the German shepherd and Carpathian wolf . Czechoslovak witch has a wolf appearance and habits, but can be as faithful to a person as a German shepherd.

The height of the dog is 60-70 cm, weight - 20-40 kg. Requires serious training. Not suitable for keeping beginners and people with children. Categorically you can not keep the breed on a chain, otherwise it will grow into an uncontrollable beast.

Czechoslovak Wolves love to feel a member of the pack, yet he is very freedom-loving. Therefore, it will take a lot of time and effort to train. If you are sufficiently attentive and patient, you will receive a reliable and faithful friend.

4. The Tibetan Mastiff

Тибетский мастиф These huge dogs were bred for the protection of monasteries in Tibet, and also helped the nomads.

The minimum height of the dog is 60 cm. The long thick coat and "mane" around the head distinguish them. Despite its frightening appearance, the Tibetan mastiff is very charming and friendly. At the owner he favorably treats strangers, if he sees that these are the master's friends, he can let himself be petted and communicated. The dog needs to be socialized and trained from childhood.

The Tibetan mastiff is an excellent guard. He chooses the highest point on the site and looks around the neighborhood. Strangers warn of their presence by loud, booming bark.

5. Leonberger

A large, massive dog, which was previously given to royal people.

Height - 61-80 cm, weight - 43-77 kg. This breed is very noble in character, despite its frightening appearance. Dogs are quite kind and very intelligent, get along with children and animals. More aggression is preferred not to manifest, but will stand up for the protection of the master, if necessary. With Leonberger you need to walk a lot, the dog needs room. In addition, they like to swim.

Редкие породы собак


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