How to choose the best New Year's costume for a dog

Новогодние костюмы для собак
Date: 12/29/2015 Author: Alexey Velikov

The New Year is the most family holiday, not only adults and children await it, but also pets. Any dog ​​will be happy to become the center of attention and decoration of a festive evening, for this you can buy her a beautiful New Year's costume. We will tell you what kinds of costumes for dogs exist and how to choose from them one that will emphasize the character of your faithful friend.

What to consider when choosing a holiday costume?

  • Costumes for dogs for the New Year should not only be beautiful and bright, but also original, suitable for the size and appearance of the pet.
  • The outfit should not restrain the movements of the dog, it must move without difficulty.
  • New Year's attire should be safe for the animal, it should not have a lot of jewelry, and even more light bulbs or glass parts.

New Year's costumes for dogs

  • It is worth choosing a suit exactly according to the size of the animal, in a large outfit, he will walk with difficulty, and a small one will rub his skin.
  • Give preference only to natural tissues, in which the pet's skin will breathe.
  • Remember that very mobile dogs are better to choose a minimum set of accessories, otherwise the pet will rip them off before the start of the holiday.
  • If the dog categorically refuses to wear festive clothes, tears it, lies and does not get up, whines, then do not torment her, give up the dress.

New Year's costumes for dogs

Variants: New Year's costumes for dogs

Usually festive outfits for four-footed friends are sewn from bright fabrics, with design taken into account the sex of the dog, its age and size. When choosing a kit, the owner takes into account his own style, as well as the theme of the New Year's party. Most outfits can also be used after a holiday for a walk. We will present you some original New Year's costumes for dogs.

New Year's costumes for dogs

Dog - Santa Claus

For many years, the Santa Claus costume remains the most popular costume for pets. Variation of this outfit is represented by a huge variety:

  • Fleece jacket of red color with fasteners on the stomach.
  • A sweatshirt with a hood that is decorated with fur.
  • Blue overall with silvery snowflakes on the back.
  • One-piece overalls and a red cap with a pompon.

New Year's costumes for dogs

Regardless of what exactly Santa Claus outfit will wear your dog, he will definitely become the symbol of the New Year and the party center. This outfit will suit sociable dogs who love attention. Four-legged Santa Claus will be the main participant in photography, remember this. If the dog is not too communicative and does not like strangers, then this option is not for her.

New Year's costumes for dogs

The Dog - Snow Maiden

If your pet is feminine, has an elegant figure and pretty appearance, it will look great in the role of Snow Maiden. The outfit can be presented by a small waistcoat with a white fluffy fur trim, a blue overall with rhinestones or a flirty dress. The Snow Maiden attire is still preferable for small breeds, since the pit bull will look a bit comical in it. Also consider the nature of the pet, the little fluffy Snow Maiden, many will want to cuddle and hold on the handles.

The fabric for such a suit can be white, red, bright blue or soft blue. If the outfit is too faded, you can embroider it with paillettes or beads. But they should be well fixed on the fabric. Excellent complement the New Year image accessories, such as kokoshnik or diadem. Even if they are not attached to clothes, try to make them yourself. But first make sure that your pet agrees to wear them. Make it simple: put a hat on the dog and see how it behaves. If the dog does his best to remove the hat, then it is better to refuse such attributes.


The naughty bee

The bee attire will be an excellent festive attire for a small, fast-paced dog, for example, the Jack Russell Terrier breed. Black and yellow coloring will not leave the dog without attention, the style of the dress can be different. For girls, a short dress will suit, a striped overall for a boy. When choosing a tissue, one should take into account the characteristics of the appearance of the pet, if the coat is very thick and long, then the fabric should be chosen so that the dog does not sweat. For animals with short nap, dachshund or pug, you can buy a plush suit. A must-have attribute of this order is bee-whiskers on the rim or on a striped cap.

Costumes for dogs for the New Year

The Cowardly Bunny

If your dog does not like too much noisy companies, he is timid and appreciates solitude, then make a choice in favor of the appropriate image. It can be a red fox or a white fluffy rabbit. The simplest and most convenient option is a plush or satin coverall. Ears can be attached to the rim, to the cap, sometimes they are sewn on the hood. If you buy a ready-made kit, then pay attention to the seams of clothing, they should not be rigid. The image of a small forest beast will not be very appropriate for large breeds.

Costumes for dogs for the New Year

Horse image

On the eve of the year, horses were in great demand using appropriate suits for dogs, this option is just more suitable for large pets, especially a dark red with a short pile. Most often you can find in stores such outfit: closed overalls of dark color with large spots on the sides. To spend the whole evening in such a garment, the dog will need angelic patience, since the horse image means having a magnificent tail and mane. The positive thing is that the headdress is not useful.

Costumes for dogs for the New Year

Elegant gentleman

If the dog is restrained in behavior and already old enough, then get for him an elegant black dress coat or a strict suit. Such a set is not very practical, as walking in it will be inconvenient, but such a guest at the party will not be left without attention. Usually a beautiful shirt, white or blue, as well as a tie or a butterfly, comes in the kit.

Costumes for dogs for the New Year

A real superman

People with a sense of humor often dress up dogs in fairy-tale or cartoon characters: SpongeBob, Luntika, or Superman. Especially popular are such outfits in families with children, kids will be delighted if their four-legged pet appears in the image of a beloved teleguero.

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