How to become a leader for a dog?

Вожак для собак

Does your pet consider himself to be the center of the universe and do not want to listen to you? We will tell you how to earn the respect of a dog and become for her the most important creature on earth.

Caesar Millan is the leader of the pack

Цезарь Миллан With the release on the television screens of the popular TV series "The Translator from the Dog " many owners of disobedient dogs tried to follow all the advice of the charismatic host Caesar Millan.

He argues that the reason for any destructive behavior of our four-legged friends lies in the fact that they do not recognize the owner as the leader of the pack (that is, the family in which the dog lives). According to the protagonist of this show, you can get rid of all ills if you let the pet understand that the owner is at the top of the hierarchy, and the dog is at its lowest level.

By the way, this same idea is a red thread through the narrative in the books of Millan (the most famous of them is "The General Book" The Leader of the Pack " ). But is the Mexican-American dog coach really right?

A rational approach

In Caesar Millan's theory there is a grain of truth, but this truth must be able to filter out. And the person who started the dog for the first time, it's very difficult. Millan often repeats that dogs are the descendants of wolves , school animals that obey the leader. And supposedly the current domestic dogs behave just like their severe ancient ancestors.

Как стать для собаки вожаком?

In fact, in the process of domestication, dogs have left their wolves much further than some think. Therefore, the methods of demonstrating the position of the leader, proposed by Millan, (for example, pressing the dog by the withers to the ground, prohibiting the pet from sleeping on the bed, going out for a walk exclusively ahead of the dog) do not really work, and often exacerbate the situation.

With such excessive severity, dogs become intimidated, and they can develop a viciously cowardly reaction to human behavior. How, then, is it proper to raise dogs so that she infinitely loved and respected her master, but did not consider him a domestic tyrant?

Secrets of raising an ideal dog

In fact, the relationship between a dog and a man is much easier than we think. Our four-legged friends do not strive to live according to the laws of the pack, they regard the family in which they live, almost in the same way as the people themselves, as their loved ones and friends.

Секреты воспитания идеальной собаки

Therefore, you do not need to become some kind of mythical cruel leader - you just need to win the trust and respect of the dog. Then your pet will not only be a devoted friend, but also a quiet pet that does not smash an apartment , steal food from the table and quietly snuffle in its place until you are home.

Long walks

This primarily applies to dogs of large breeds. A well-bred dog is a dog that has been well walked. Long walks help the dog not only to throw out the accumulated energy, to get a good physical form, but also to establish contact with the owner, to become attached to it.

If you walk with the pet for no more than 15 minutes, while still talking on the phone, and at home paying little attention to the dog, how does he understand that you are the main person in the family in which he lives? It is the dogs that are left to themselves, most often gnaw furniture, shoes and other things of people only because they are bored.

The Right Games

On walks, one should not let the pet run with relatives, while at the same time discussing the latest world news with the owners of other dogs, and playing with one-on-one. For this purpose, various balls, discs (frisbee), pullers, ropes and potholes for so-called tug-of-war games are designed.

играть с питомцем

Most dogs love to run after the ball and bring it to the owner. It is not difficult to teach a dog how to export an object. The main thing is to get his attention to this thing, to put it in motion (so that the dog has the impression that it is prey) and to praise as soon as the pet starts to play with it. Many puppies already at the age of 1,5-2 months drive around the house any objects that resemble a ball in shape. And your task is to direct their zeal in the right direction.

Take a walk on the ball (for example, the one that is designed for tennis) and do not be lazy to throw it to a four-legged friend. A month or two of these regular games - and you will see that spending time with you is much more interesting to the dog than with relatives, strangers or in pursuit of cats and birds. So you will become for your dog not "service personnel" who only feeds her, combs her and leads her to the toilet, but her best friend. After all, dogs, like people, are attached to those with whom they spend more time, and get positive emotions from this communication.

Education and training

Deeply mistaken are those people who think that dogs of decorative breeds (Yorkies, Toy Terriers, Chihuahuas ) should not be brought up. Like, what will you take from this trifle? Therefore, small, but harmful dogs often "build" all members of the family so that they walk along the string.

In fact, you need to bring up any dog, regardless of breed and age. Otherwise, she does not recognize the rules that you would like to install in the house, and will not observe them.

A dog of a decorative breed does not need to be taught complex commands, searching for a subject on the trail, much less protecting the room and protecting a person, because, most likely, it will turn out to be a useless protector. But his place to relax in the house the dog must know.

Собаку декоративной породы необязательно обучать сложным командам

Also, it will not hurt to master a set of basic commands ("Sitting", " Lying ", "Standing", " To me ", "Foo") with crumbs. After all, thanks to them you can easily manage a dog on the street. Believe me: even if you do not lower the pet from your hands, and he does it at home on a diaper, one day these skills will be useful to you. In addition, in the process of training, the dog will be even more attached to you.

In the matter of education, the main thing is not to overdo it so as not to discourage your pet from listening to you and mastering new commands. So do not train the dog too long. If you see that she is tired, you better play with her.

For the lazy dogs the trick training is perfect. If the commands, for example, "Lying" and "Standing", it is difficult to learn them, then the tricks are easier. After all, doing a "ground squirrel" or walking a snake is much more fun! And the mimicry of the owner at this moment is usually also more positive than when submitting basic commands.

Severity in moderation

Do not use physical violence against the dog. These intelligent animals for centuries of domestication have learned to recognize human emotions from a half-look and intonation. You can address the dog with a strict voice, and she will immediately understand that you are unhappy with her behavior.

Of course, you do not need to let the pet sit on your neck, but even if he does not obey you, you can not beat. So you do not raise a dog, but only intimidate. And this can lead to the development of neurosis.

For the misdemeanor of a pet you need to be punished, but do it in a voice, not with blows and smacks of a newspaper. A small dog needs to be explained what can be done, and what can not be done, with the help of such methods: we correct the correct behavior with a delicacy, a toy and praise, and the wrong one - we ignore or condemn the dog in a strict voice, we send it back and we deprive the game. Perhaps the dog will need time to realize the mechanism, but when he understands it, he will obey without fear of getting a swig from an angry person.

But do not forget that all your actions must be sure. If you first scolded a dog, and after 2 minutes changed your mind and already groomed and cherished it, what would the dog think of you? Correctly! That you yourself do not know what you want.

Love, care and affection

And, finally, the most important point. If you give your dog a sincere love, he will certainly answer the same. Dogs subtly feel how people treat them.

And if you take care of your four-footed friend, he will want to serve you faithfully and truthfully and will try to please everyone.


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