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A faithful dog waited for his master from the hospital - a video of a long-awaited meeting

The owner of the Bull Terrier Patcha spent a week in the hospital. The dog waited faithfully for the owner and met him with delight. Video meeting shocked more than 7 million users
Вожак для собак

How to become a leader for a dog?

We will tell you how to earn the respect of a dog and become for her the most important creature on earth.
Собака и ее хозяин

Dogs and hosts: photos of dog owners along with their little friends

Owners of dogs who repeat for their pets their facial expressions

Kindly great Presley looks like real Scooby-Doo

He really looks, and behaves like Scooby-Doo

Labradoodle and his little friend wear identical outfits

On the page in the instagram now and then there are photos of a friendly couple in identical outfits
Фото: Тибетский мастиф

Rare breeds of dogs

Rare dog breeds in the world are many. It can be very large, and medium, and very small, decorative individuals
собака хаски фото

Photo of Loki: traveling happy dog

With their master, they have already visited many interesting places
Собаку укачивает в машине: что делать

Kinetosis in dogs. What are the signs of kinetosis?

How to accustom a dog to the car, so that it does not sway?
Как "разговаривать" с собакой

How to "talk" with a dog

Have you ever wondered how a dog will react to a barking man? Here and look! You will all see: there is a contact!
Новогодние костюмы для собак

How to choose the best New Year's costume for a dog

New Year is the most family holiday, not only adults and kids are waiting for it, but also pets

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