Polish Podgalyanskaya Shepherd Dog: description and photos of the breed

Polish Podgalyanskaya Shepherd Dog is a breed of service dogs. It is also called the Tatra sheepdog or the Mountain Shepherd Tatra.

Photo: Polish Podgalyanskaya Shepherd Dog
Photo: Polish Podgalyanskaya Shepherd Dog

History of the breed

The ancestors of the Podgalyansky shepherd are mountain shepherd dogs who came to Poland in the 4th or 5th century together with Asian herds during the great migration of peoples.

This national Polish breed with good working glory. Initially, these dogs were used to graze livestock, but when their remarkable watchful qualities were noticed, "specialization" markedly expanded. Now these sheepdogs protect the herd from wolves and bears, transport cargoes, are used for rescue and search services. In Canada and the US and Canada, they work in the police and army.

Appearance: height, weight

Польская подгалянская овчарка This is a large breed with a strong bone and musculature, height at withers from 61 to 86.5 cm and weighing up to 69 kg.

The dog's head is wide and massive with hanging ears of a triangular shape. The muzzle is large, the eyes are slightly slanting, of medium size, of dark brown color. The tail is covered with long hair and down.

Thick wool of medium length with a dense undercoat, on hind legs in the form of magnificent pants. There are two colors: white or light cream. Undesirable cream marks on white.

The character of the Podgalian sheepdog

The dogs of this breed are of an independent nature and do not need anybody's attachment. In work they are very active and vigilant.

This is a reserved, calm and quick-witted animal, very alert.

He has a desire in his blood to protect his family and home. Special training for protection Podhalyansky shepherd is not required. It is better not to train this dog at all, so that she does not lose the pleasant qualities of her character. It is by nature an indispensable caretaker and companion.

Польская подгалянская овчарка However, it should be borne in mind that she does not like to work under duress and will not absolutely obey and obey. All that she does herself is only out of love for her master. Therefore, it is better to provide the dog with close contact with the family, attention, communication and affection. The family refers to both the herd that protects, is very careful to children. To pets is friendly, does not show aggression.

With outsiders Podgalyanska shepherd behaves very restrained and wary, but does not show aggression and only in extreme cases shows teeth.

In mobile games, the Polish Podgalyanskaya Shepherd dog participates with great excitement. She likes to run and frolic, participate in sports competitions.

This calm and good-natured animal does not tolerate rough treatment. It has its own point of view and can be obstinate.

In work, the dog does not wait for the team and decides independently when it needs to intervene. However, this is not a hysterical dog, rather restrained and calm.

Podgalyantsy can not tolerate a rough treatment to them and can remember grievances. They have a strong sense of justice.

Such a dog is well suited to a determined but hearty master.

Maintenance and care

Польская подгалянская овчарка Podgalyanskaya Shepherd Dog is quite a large and active animal, therefore it is contraindicated in the city apartment. It is better to keep it in a country house , on a site or in an enclosure and regularly provide active physical activity in the open space.

Care for her is not complicated. The coat of the forehead should be combed daily or at least twice a week with a brush. During moulting, it is better to comb the dog twice a day, especially when keeping it in the house.

These sheepdogs live up to 12 years and on the whole they are very healthy. However, as with many representatives of large breeds, dysplasia may have hip dysplasia.

Price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles Puppies Polish Podhalyansky dog ​​cost from 800 dollars to 1500 dollars .

Photos of the Podgalian Shepherd


  1. Sorry, but it's not the podgaliantsy in the photo! Not the best representatives of the breed, definitely! No other color of wool, except pure white, is unacceptable! Almost in all photos (except for 2x), it's generally not clear what kind of dog.


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