TOP 10: The best breeds of dogs for protection

Dog "specialization" primarily depends on genetics. Therefore, choosing a puppy-future guard, it is worth asking how these qualities are developed in his parents. But in order to educate a security dog, conditions of detention and proper training are also very important. The dog for protection should have limited contact with strangers. She should not let them, let herself be ironed. Inadmissible close approach of an outsider, she will demonstrate her willingness to stop undesirable actions: she will bend her head and grin.

Security breeds of dogs
Security breeds of dogs

Protective breeds of dogs can be called protective or bodyguards

They are ready to enter into single combat with one or several attackers. For this, the host team can act, but the dog must be able to independently assess the situation and attack.

Guard dogs are manageable and must clearly know and perform the basic commands of common obedience. First of all, the best guards are the breeds of shepherds: German, East European, Belgian shepherd malinois. Their peculiarity in universality, because rarely the dog requires only the ability to protect the host. As a rule, they are also used as guardians of a certain territory.

TOP 10: dogs for protection

1. German Shepherd

German Shepherd: funny photo
Photo of dogs of protective rocks. German Shepherd

German Shepherd is very calm, but at the onset of danger is able to act instantly. This is an excellent guard not only of the owner, but of his entire family, is responsible for the children. Because this is the best breed of family guards.

2. Eastern European Shepherd Dog

East European Shepherd
Photo: Breeds for protection

The Eastern European Shepherd is very wary of strangers. This is a balanced and confident dog, always ready for active defense. A reliable bodyguard of the whole family, gets on well with children, does not conflict with other domestic pets. They are smart animals, not jealous and calm.

3. Bullmastiff

Photo: Breeds of dogs for protection of a private house

Bullmastiff is also an excellent guard for families with children due to their natural obedience and loyalty to people. At the same time they are fearless, brave and very strong.

4. Ridgeback

Photo: Thai Ridgeback
Photo: Thai Ridgeback is a good breed for house security

Ridgeback - fast and strong, but very balanced dogs. They are indifferent to strangers who do not show aggression and are very loyal to their owners.

5. Doberman

Photo: Doberman is a good guard

Doberman is an intelligent and courageous breed, obedient to the master.

6. The Doge of Bordeaux

Security breeds of dogs
Breeds of dogs for protection (Bordeaux mastiff)

Bordeaux dog is a family dog, not aggressive and very attached to its owner. Slightly slow, but the family members will not give any offense.

7. Airedale Terrier

Photo of the Airedale Terrier
Photo: Airedale Terrier (dogs for protection)

Airedale Terrier is an energetic and moderately evil breed, perfectly trained and obedient. Excellent get along with children and adapt well in any territory.

8. The Boxer

Boxer photo dog
Photo: Boxer (guard dogs)

Boxer - has not only excellent security qualities and is well trained, but also very fond of children. Hardy dog, good-natured and playful, but very observant and suspicious of strangers.

9. The Giant Schnauzer

Photography: Giant Schnauzer
Photo: Giant Schnauzer - security dog ​​for the house

The Giant Schnauzer is a brave and strong dog, loyal to people, but incorruptible and faithful to its master. It is well trained and easily adapts to various conditions.

10. Cane Corso

Photo: Cane Corso
Photo: Cane Corso (the best security dogs)

Cane Corso - intelligent, strong, brave and devoted dogs, family favorites and defenders.

Other protective rocks

Also, good guard dogs can be raised from such breeds as Bobtail , Maremma-abrutskaya shepherd dog, Neapolitan watchdog. But the training should be guided by an experienced instructor who is well versed in the psychology of the dog.


  1. I have a Rhodesian Ridgeback. It protects me, my family and territory. A smart, loving, kind, brave dog😍


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