Hunting with flags


Foxes, in the case of the pursuit of hounds, are able to significantly hamper their work. They run along streams or small rivers to "drown" the smell of the track, run along the ice to weaken strength or lose their smell. If necessary, the fox can run along the canvas of the highway and even the railway.

Here her smell is almost always lost (she knows it from her own experience), and she is not too lazy to run a few extra kilometers to places where you can use water, ice, the smell of engine oil, gasoline, road asphalt, soil and gravel on the railway. All these ingredients do not hold the smell of the fox trace badly.

It is difficult to agree with some stories of hunters and writers of naturalists who mention foxes leading the hounds to thin ice, with the hope that they, like the heavier ones, will collapse there, or run towards the highway, the railway, to be crushed by a car or a train. Hounds often die, examining faintly smelling traces of fox (or hare), on the road or rail. However, I can not believe that the fox in these cases uses the calculation of the killer.

If there is no rut on the terrain, bare ice, different roads, the fox has only to run or hide in a hole. Now she does not have time to think about anything, except how to the last opportunity to try not to show the dogs the way to their habitation.

It is not necessary to consider as cunning the departure of the fox from the hounds to ravines. Just now the hunters enjoyed both the thick, courageous and weeping spills of the thin voices of the hounds, a singing and buzzing echo circulated throughout the forest, when suddenly the gong broke off, as if falling through the ground. And already certain, selected places-lazy, where, it seems, you can intercept the beast, do not give any hope.

The voices of the hounds can not be heard for a long time, but from afar they can hardly hear, the voices of dogs are muffled. The fox does not know that besides the dogs, there are also hunters in the forest and whether they hear anything, so they do not trick you. At moments when it becomes clear to her, she rushes in horror in different directions, into impassable thickets, ravines, swamps.

Sometimes it can go ravines to visit somewhere near its hole. Foxes fleeing from dogs often like to check the ways to their homes in order to have a safe haven in an emergency. In any case, when the fox leaves the hounds, she does not have time to think long.

In the case of hunting for a fox with the use of flags, the beast periodically has to "think", especially since there is enough time for meditation and choice of a way out of the situation that has arisen. Great opportunities for thinking are provided to the fox when, surrounded (enclosed) the beast and covering the salary (surrounded by the territory) with flags, the hunters do not have time to complete the hunt before dusk. Then the beast remains inside the territory, surrounded by flags, until the next morning.

Not every fox, hitting at night inside the salary, will wait for the morning and with him the arrival of hunters. One runs around the entire salary, explores the territory, "stumbling" and sniffing all the lines of flags, eventually calmly crawls under the cord with flags or jump over it. However, most of my friends and hunters have noticed that most of the foxes living in the forest, far from the human habitat, can not decide on such a nightly "escape". There were foxes who stayed for several days in the salary.

I many times hunted for foxes, using flags. Often it was necessary to walk from dawn to dusk through forests, fields, ravines, marshes to discover the beast and quickly wrap the ring with flags. But it is best to lay the fox together, folding the flags to carry easier, and to cover the salary area simultaneously from two sides is twice as fast.

After the completion of the salary, one hunter stands on the number, and the other chases the fox, the time is practically not lost. One trouble - in a good weather and a snowy day, falling under the "meanness law" almost always not for the weekend, it's hard to find a good friend quickly. Therefore, I often had to go for a fox with flags alone.

To do this, he made very light flags - red cloths the size of a palm on a cord of fine hemp twine, which was wound on a frame of thin slats. This design was about one and a half kilometers long, I wore all day in a backpack, not feeling particularly heavy. But the biggest inconvenience in a single hunt was that by tightening the salary with a flask of flags, it was necessary to urgently run to the nearest village in search of a volunteer-beater.

Hunting with flags is not so exciting as with the hounds, but it captures in its own way. I was fascinated by the independent search for a fresh fox trace. It often happened a long time to walk without finding him. Already, it seems, you will reach complete exhaustion, through and through, you will get wet, if you thaw, and start to think: "Everything! Was! Time to go home!".

And suddenly, in front of tired eyes, a fresh line of a fox-foot will be played. Where suddenly suddenly disappears fatigue? Where is the vexation and bitterness? Why do the legs carry themselves? And in an enchanted way you start to pass one circle after another until the beast appears in the field of view, or the twilight comes ...

Good hunting for a fox in the snow! Beautiful and magnificent atmosphere around, constantly changing, every day in different ways than on the eve of the ineffable beauty of the snow itself. Always with a sinking and impatience I was waiting for fresh snow! And then suddenly you wake up at home from some bright inner feeling, you will open your eyes, you will see a fairly brightened ceiling and with quiet glee you will understand that at last the holiday has come - snow has fallen!

The first powder, as usual, will softly lie soft, shallow and fluffy. I walk with ease over it, but you can not see around any traces ... Like all rabbits and foxes, as if in agreement, they are afraid to break this perfect whiteness, the purest in the world. Usually the beast declares itself the next day, timidly showing the trail ...

But, finally, the winter hostess came, letting in the frosty frost and pouring loose, loose and fluffy snow, on the trail on which you can not immediately understand where the fox went, especially when she moves around the hare trails. And then suddenly - an unexpected thaw, the snow immediately became another - raw, harsh, with faded whiteness.

The snow falls from the trees with wet big flat cakes, although the track can be clearly seen, but these flat cakes nail it. This is, of course, a small hindrance, it's bad that the shoulders and back are gradually becoming wet. Trees, shaking off their snowy gray hair, suddenly suddenly look younger, they'll freshen up!

But then frost came again, an icy crust formed on the snow, and again the trail was not visible at all, only in places there were slight scratches of claws. Again you have to wait for fresh powder, but when you wait for a fresh snowball, it will again show a clear trace, the skis themselves carry me on the nast.

Now many scientists and researchers confidently acknowledge and confirm the ability of animals to "think and reason," and skeptics, on the contrary, have obvious doubts about the presence of a fox and a wolf of any kind, since they panic fear of harmless red rags on the cord . At the same time, the cord with flags is calmly trotted over, and the hare calmly runs under it - that means they are smart?

I personally think that the fear of both wolf and foxes is explained by the fact that they have great vigilance and observance: any foreign object in the forest will surely attract their attention, and if this object also has the smell of a man, it becomes even more terrible and dangerous. And to be afraid of the person - the quality incorporated in genes is, certainly, at all silly.

But back to the fox, which is inside the salary with flags. Sometimes, very rarely, there is such a situation - the shooter is in the right place, the shooter is working intelligently, after a few minutes after the start of the rut the beast falls under the right shot. In this situation, the fox, of course, has no time for reflection. But most often it turns out differently. The Fox was surrounded with flags only in the evening, and the hunt had to be postponed till the morning.

Here, then, the fox has a great opportunity to prove how and what she thinks. If the fox proved to be experienced and experienced, then, as a rule, it almost always goes away during the night. Running on the inside of the salary, everything will sniff, appreciate the experienced look and flair of the situation, and either gently creep under the cord, or in one fell swoop over it. But I often did it differently - the fox will tread out the entire area inside the salary, many times denote "tychki" in the line of flags. And in the morning, after spending a salary, joyfully make sure - there is no output track, the fox has not left!


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