Crimean residents officially forbid offending dogs

Жителям Крыма запретят обижать собак
Date: 06/19/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

Public Chamber of the Republic of Crimea The State Council of the RK has adopted the draft law, which is called "On the protection and keeping of domestic animals from cruel treatment and measures to ensure the safety of citizens living in the Republic of Crimea . " This was reported on May 30 on television on RIA Novosti, referring to the words of Grigory Ioffe, who is chairman of the Public Chamber of the Republic of Crimea.

"I can say with all certainty that the law initiated by the Public Chamber, as well as two profile committees of the parliament, will be adopted by the State Council of the Republic of Crimea in June. And already in January 2017, the financing of activities within this innovation will begin , "said Grigory Ioffe.

He believes that approving this law is especially important for the inhabitants of the Crimea.

"Such a law is absent at the federal level, however, there are various similar laws in many constituent entities of the Russian Federation. In proposing to develop such a legislative act, we strive to teach people to realize how badly inhuman treatment of animals is, how to behave properly with our lesser brothers. We also consider the moral side of the issue and the responsibility of animal owners, which will reduce the number of homeless animals on the streets of cities . "

Grigory Adolfovich also draws attention to the fact that the new law will separately regulate the treatment of exotic animals, in most cases exploited by photographers on the embankments of towns and cities of the Crimea.

"Not so long ago law enforcement bodies had the right to confiscate from owners of exotic animals, after which long trials were to be held, but there was no clear regulation how the servants of the order should behave in such situations. With the introduction of the new law, law enforcement and municipal authorities will be able to take certain regulatory and legal acts in order to end this brutal practice, "the chairman says.


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