The bill of "responsible handling of animals" - is everything so perfect?

Живут собаки

This bill is under consideration and adjustment in the State Duma, starting in 2011. During this time the project was subject to various corrections and improvements. The reason for this is the search for the optimal balance between safety and responsible attitude to the animal and the comfort of the animal itself.

Zoozashitniki repeatedly opposed the launching project, calling it absurd and meaningless. The main idea of ​​the project is voluntary chipping of pets, the procedure is mandatory for potentially dangerous breeds of dogs. Also, such breeds can be taken to the streets solely on a leash and in a muzzle.

Zooists say that even miniature and gentle breeds of dogs can be made aggressive with a bad attitude. And large pets can be "the most kindness and decency." Therefore leashes and muzzles, infringing the comfort of the pet, in this case are completely irrelevant.

An alternative to such tough measures, zooists offer training and proper education. There are also questions about the objectivity of compiling a list of potentially dangerous breeds.


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