In the Chelyabinsk region, cats and dogs will be issued passports

В Челябинской области собакам выдавать паспорта
Date: 06/19/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

In the Chelyabinsk region, pets such as cats and dogs are listed as animals that are subject to mandatory registration. According to Business FM Chelyabinsk, the latter is important to control the level of infectious diseases in the region. Before that, the pet registration system was purely voluntary.

Now the passport (and in some cases the chip) to the animal can be done in a veterinary clinic. In the passport, all treatments and vaccinations of the animal will be noted, which will be a confirmation of the health of the pet.

"With the introduction of this order, the presence of a passport in the animal will be mandatory," says Sergey Slobodyansky, head of the veterinary department of the Ministry of Agriculture of the region.

The ministry also believes that with the help of innovation among people planning to start a pet, the level of responsibility will increase. At the same time, registration costs are minimized.

Karen Dallakyan, who is president of the Zoo Defense Foundation "Save me", expresses an opposite opinion on this situation. She worries that many owners do not want to pay money for registration and throw their pets on the street.

"As a rule, cats and dogs are chipped, the price of one chip starts from 700 rubles. Can you imagine what additional money this will give the owners of animals? There is a very high probability that someone will just spit and prefer to throw the animal out on the street. As a result, the army of homeless animals will increase substantially due to such rash decisions, "Dallakyan explains his position.

It is not yet clear how the registration procedure will be carried out, as well as what kind of fines will be incurred by pet owners who will ignore it.

It should be added that agricultural animals, including pigs, cows, sheep and others, will also be subject to mandatory registration, since their diseases pose a danger to people. In the absence of compulsory registration with agricultural animals, it is possible to talk about violation of veterinary and sanitary standards, which will threaten the owners with a fine of up to one thousand rubles (owners of organizations - up to twenty thousand rubles plus a ban on conducting activities up to 3 months).


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