Salvation of a fawn in Long Island - the feat of a golden retriever

Спасение олененка
Photo: Salvation of a fawn in Long Island - the feat of a golden retriever

July 16 morning, Mark Frehley and his pet went on a familiar walk along the beach of Long Island. A leisurely walk was replaced by a sharp throw of the dog into the water. A dog named Storm quickly overcame an obstacle from the waves and picked up something big in his teeth . When the golden retriever was approaching the shore, the owner of the dog saw a deer.

Struck with such a feat, Mark photographed the process of salvation. The video shows how carefully and carefully the dog reacted to the deer. He carefully put it on the shore, then began to lick, trying to calm. The video shows that the animal was very exhausted and unhealthy, but the deer was breathing.

Mark called the rescue service. The owner and his pet stayed with the "victim" before the arrival of veterinarians . The arriving group inspected the animal and reported that nothing threatened its health.

Today, a rescue video is available on the Frehley page in one of the social networks. For the first day it has gained more than a million views of users, while collecting tens of thousands of reposts.


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