Sensational discovery - the language barrier between a man and a dog is erased

Собаки манипулируют людьми

Dogs are rightly considered the best friends of man. Some of them literally understand us, respond to commands and even requests. It turns out that this behavior has a completely logical explanation, because animals perceive human speech, distinguishing individual words and intonations of sentences. Pets were much smarter than previously thought. In this case, it's not about the banal teams "to me" and "bring a stick."

Scientists from Budapest found that dogs can recognize and memorize words, as well as learn their meaning. Unlike other animals that perform commands due to hard training, bringing their reaction to automaticity, the dogs give a paw or bring slippers at the request of the owner consciously.

To confirm their theory, scientists conducted a test with thirteen breeds of dogs that were examined on an MRI. In the course of the experiment, the pet trainer made various semantic suggestions, and the scientists watched the brain activity of their wards.

The words of praise, uttered with enthusiastic intonation, activated a special area of ​​the brain of the pets (dopamine reward zone) . If the praise was painted in a neutral tone coach, the brain activity was significantly lower. However, the dogs still understood that they were praised, despite the fact that the word "well done" was pronounced without emotional coloring.

Senseless speech did not cause any reaction to four-legged friends. Scientists came to the conclusion that animals react to human intonation, as well as recognize the meaning of words and sentences . A simple verbal praise from the owner brings pets the same pleasure, as well as delicious encouragement or stroking the withers.

Other studies have shown that dogs quickly adapt to foreign languages ​​and can correctly understand the meaning of sentences if they have the right emotional coloring. Just recently, a myth has been destroyed that dogs can not distinguish colors, and see the world in black and white. It turns out that the eyes of pets are not at all lacked in a colorful palette, but dogs really perceive colors a little differently than humans.


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