The famous "dog's look" - why do pets look guilty?

Ученые США «разоблачили» виноватый вид у собак

Surely you have often noticed how the facial expression of a dog is changing, when it has done something, and you caught it red-handed. The animal immediately tilts the head, presses the ears to the back of the head and lowers the tail to the level of the lower paws. A person perceives such behavior as an awareness of the guilt of the pet.

However, scientists from the US found that in this way the dog demonstrates submission to man, not repentance. This mimicry and position of the body, modern dogs inherited from their counterpart - the wolf .

In flocks of wild animals young individuals constantly go with a "guilty look" when they begin to contact more mature and experienced wolves. Such an act is an expression of willingness to obey and learn.

Dogs are extremely social animals, like wolves. The greatest fear for a pet is an exception from a pack, whether it's a group of congeners or a family of people in which an animal lives. Therefore, homeless dogs are so often gathered in groups.

"Guilty look" is nothing more than a recognition of the strength of man and his leadership qualities. The pet is not afraid of punishment at all, but being excluded from his community, that is, your family.


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