Podmoskovnye beaches for dogs - a myth or reality?

Подмосковные пляжи для собак
Date: 07/27/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

As you know, walking dogs in public places without a leash and muzzle is prohibited. However, pets also want to have a lot of fun, without feeling constraints. Tatyana Vitushina, a representative of the State Technical Supervision Service, sees the solution to the problem in creating specialized beaches for animals in the Moscow region.

In the hot season, visits to places near reservoirs with pets are especially popular. Guests of the beach are not happy with this neighborhood, and the owners of the dogs, in turn, complain about the inability to fully rest on the beaches along with pets.

The authorities of the municipality are considering the possibility of appointing one of the beaches in the Moscow Region as a platform for walking dogs. Legislation of Russia has a clear regulation, imposing a ban on walking with pets without muzzles and leashes. Therefore, visiting the beach as a public place, without appropriate "accessories" becomes impossible. Otherwise, there is a strict system of penalties , reaching 2,000 rubles.

A loophole in the legislation, according to Tatyana, is the appointment of a beach near Moscow near the pit for pets. Where will be only the owners of dogs, combining the walking of the animal and a pleasant rest at the pond.

The number of suitable beaches includes 30 water bodies, which are regularly checked and will be suitable for bathing. To the beaches are "laid" the routes of public transport, allowing unhindered to visit the recreation area. The best beaches of the Moscow region are Khimki, Shchelkovo, Balashikha.

In Moscow, the number of reservoirs, clean from bacteria and chemical pollution, is significantly lower - 10 recreation areas. Another 40 beaches are available for rest and sunbathing without bathing.

Specialized beaches are a must for today. Their creation will make it possible not to crowd in remote and inaccessible places near the reservoir, which are forced to visit the owners of dogs. In addition, rescuers will be on duty at designated recreation areas.


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