Tourism for dogs - special beaches on the shores of Barcelona

пляжи для собак в Барселоне
Date: 03/23/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

This year, the beach season in Barcelona is open not only to people, but also to animals. Local authorities have a special affection for our lesser friends, which has become the reason for allocating a special coastal area for walking and relaxing with dogs. Like any other beach, this place will work until the end of the velvet season - September.

The coast of Barcelona enjoy an enviable popularity among dog owners. However, walking with pets, enjoying the sea breeze , can only be in low season. The influx of tourists in the warm season does not provide an opportunity for continuing walks.

In addition, the presence of pets on public beaches prevents vacationers. Therefore, local authorities decided to delineate the shores between the guests of the country and its indigenous inhabitants with dogs. The last was a separate beach, which is available for walking with animals at any time.

To equip the beach for animals, it is planned to spend about 60,000 euros, and to maintain the territory in a well-maintained form, at least 28,000 euros per year is required. The project is quite expensive, so the local authorities put forward a number of requirements for beach visitors: dogs must undergo special medical control, have a chip.


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