Since January, 1st in Latvia the obligatory chipping of dogs is entered

В Латвии вводится обязательное чипирование собак
Photo: Mandatory Chipping Dogs

Since 2017, the inhabitants of Latvia will have to forcibly chimp their tailed pets, because otherwise they are threatened with penalties up to 201 euros.

Since January 1, 2017, a new bill has become valid, according to which owners of dogs will necessarily have to perform the chipping. Veterinary doctors, as well as special inspectors of the Food and Veterinary Service and people working in shelters for homeless animals can perform this manipulation.

Chipping involves the introduction of a non-radiating chip, the size of which is equal to a rice seed, using a special needle under the skin of the animal. Typically, the injection is performed in the area of the "left" shoulder. In the composition - a unique digital code that allows you to identify the real owner of the dog, as well as providing detailed information about the vaccinations performed and other data.

The action of the chip is unlimited, although with the passage of time it can be transported to another area of the skin. The chip is completely safe for the health of the animal, it can not be in the respiratory tract or bloodstream. In most cases, animals tolerate this procedure very well, they do not have any side effects and complications. The dog is not able to sense the presence of the chip in his body.

The same owners of animals who refuse to perform mandatory chipping, and do not register their dog in a single LDC base, will be forced to pay a fine, the size of which will vary from 7 to 210 euros.

To date, the database of the Agricultural Center has about thirty-four thousand registered dogs - this is statistics for 2014 year. The total number of animals in Latvia is 260 thousand.


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