A dog is found off the coast of California, lost in the sea

найдена собака, потерявшаяся в море
Date: 03/23/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

On an island near California, the military found a dog a month ago lost in the sea after it fell out of the boat.

Employees of the US Navy discovered on one of the Californian islands a German shepherd Luna, which a month ago fell out of the owner's boat and was lost at sea. In early February, its owner was fishing near the island of San Clemente, which is 130 km from California, and lost the dog.

The man asked the military to help him in search, but after a few days the animal could not be found and he was found dead. As the military confessed, the moon appeared unexpectedly - a thin animal approached one of them. Now the dog is transferred to the master's friend until the moment he returns from the trip.


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