April 10, 2016 in the SEC "Sokolniki" will hold a scientific conference for breeders

Научная конференция для заводчиков
Date: 14/03/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

Scientific Conference on Animals - Master Class for Advanced Studies

Dogs are the most popular animals on the planet. Children now and then ask parents to start a fluffy and faithful miracle at home. Due to lack of time, many parents choose literally the first puppy caught in the eye, not interested in the characteristics of his breed, parents' pedigree and other important factors. Some even make an order through the Internet, not seeing a potential pet live.

That is why an unusual conference was organized, headed by Natalia Rishina. The event will be held on April 10 in the Sokolniki shopping and entertainment center . The main idea of ​​the conference is to inform that puppies are bought only by experienced breeders who adequately cared for the baby's parents, paid enough attention to the health of the puppy, did the necessary vaccinations and so on. Only a reliable breeder gives buyers a kind of quality guarantee - you will never be "slipped" by a half-breed or a troubled kid with illnesses.

In addition, breeders should provide potential buyers with all the necessary information about the breed, contributing to the development of harmonious relationships between the household and the puppy. Therefore, the conference is designed to "tighten" the level of knowledge of breeders, giving the opportunity to talk with professional cynologists.

The event will help to replenish your stock of knowledge, both experienced breeders and beginners. April 10, you can find out the necessary information about vaccination of pets, the secrets of home shooting, as well as participate in master classes on grooming .

The scientific program will be diluted by competitions, the reward for which will be useful prizes for pets. Within the framework of the conference it will be possible to get acquainted with books on the content and breeding of breeds. The apogee of the event will be the awarding ceremony of leading cynologists. To participate in the conference, preliminary registration is required on the site: dog-profi.info .


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