Moskvich filed a lawsuit against a veterinary clinic, which healed his dog to death

Москвич подал иск на ветеринарную клинику и выиграл дело в суде
Date: 07/15/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

Shepherd owners successfully won the case in court by filing a lawsuit against unscrupulous veterinary clinic workers. Moskvich applied for services to the center in 2015. After examining the pet, domestic treatment was prescribed. However, such therapy did not help, after which the dog was re-brought to the clinic.

The conducted studies revealed serious poisoning from the rats. The only solution, according to the employees of the center, was an operation that was conducted extremely not professionally, resulting in internal bleeding in the animal. Veterinarians tried to hide their mistakes by killing Reiden, while not asking the owner for permission to take such measures.

The indignant owner went to court, demanding reimbursement of expenses for improper treatment and moral damage. In the course of the proceedings it became clear that the treatment of Reiden was not done by a specialized doctor, but by an intern. In addition, the operation of the sheep-dog was carried out under non-sterile conditions.

The court found the veterinary center guilty, obliging to pay for medical treatment and medicines, compensation for moral damage and the cost of the sheep-dog. The amount assigned differs from the one claimed by the plaintiff, but justice was restored, and an additional penalty of $ 38,000 was imposed on the clinic.


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