In the capital of the Russian Federation, large dogs may be banned

В столице РФ большие собаки могут оказаться под запретом
Photo: In Moscow, large dogs may be banned

Representatives of the Moscow City Council are preparing another document, which can raise unrest in society. This time it concerns animals, in particular dogs. The fact is that the deputies want to completely prohibit the maintenance of huge animals in small apartments.

This measure was commented on by official Zoya Zotova, who deals with environmental issues in Moscow. She noted that such dogs are very crowded in small rooms, this causes discomfort, both for owners and for animals. Existing in such conditions, dogs often attack the residents of the house, showing their aggression . According to Zotova, this rule will be included in a special project, which will be considered by the commission.

First of all, the bill concerns mastiffs, Great Danes , Caucasian Shepherds and other large breeds . They will be kept in separate shelters and households.

Thus, politicians want to exclude the possibility of attacking dogs on townspeople. Recently, the police received a large number of complaints.

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