On March 23 the voting for the American dog-hero started

Собака-герой со своим хозяином будет приглашена в Голливуд
Date: 03/23/2016 Author: Alexey Velikov

Today, the American Humane Association is launching a vote for the most courageous dog hero who, along with his host, will be invited to Hollywood and receive a cash reward.

Every year the American Association "American Humane Association" (herodogawards.org) holds a competition, according to which the dog-hero of the year is chosen. This time, the start of voting was given on March 23. Eight finalists will be invited to Hollywood for the gala event, which will be broadcast on the channel Hallmark Channel this fall. One dog will be awarded the title of "Hero of America". On the upbringing of a new generation of dog heroes, the association will donate $ 2500 to each finalist, and the winner will additionally be able to pick up the main prize - $ 5000

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