Houses for dogs from world designers for 200 thousand dollars

Дома для собак от мировых дизайнеров
Photo: Dog houses from world designers

June 5, the world news was the news of new, modern and extremely expensive dog houses from the company Hecate Verona. Designers spent on developing a line of "booths" of the order of 3 years.

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Due to what the creators managed to think through all the nuances, equipping the houses with the latest technology: air conditioning, lighting, heating, food supply unit, a conference call system for communicating the person with his pet.

In addition to the technical stuffing, the houses have a nice and very luxurious interior. Dog cottages are made of varieties of rare wood and natural stone. The creation of a unique housing for the pet takes at least 2 months. Of course, this "booth" can not be budgetary.

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The starting price will be about 40 thousand dollars. And some models of cottages will cost 200 thousand dollars. In addition to the chic home, the company Killspencer offers also chic accessories - thongs and leashes. They are made of genuine leather, if desired, they can bear the initials of the owner and the nickname of the dog.


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