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В Каменском прошла выставка собак

On the eve of the May holidays in Kamensky hosted a competition of dogs

The review competition of dogs took place in Kamenskoye in the park. Gorky. Organization, participants and rewarding of winners
Соревнование специалистов-кинологов и собак-таможенников

Competition of specialists-dog handlers and dogs-customs officers - news of Vladivostok

In April in Vladivostok, there were regular contests for the all-around between experts of customs and their dogs
Ученые США «разоблачили» виноватый вид у собак

The famous "dog's look" - why do pets look guilty?

US scientists "exposed" the guilty sight of dogs. The nature and causes of the unusual facial expressions of animals. The origins of the guilty look of pets
Вино для собак

Wine for dogs - a new trend in 2017. The composition and impact of the drink on pets

The beverage is based on beet juice, and the ingredients in the form of mint and chamomile
Защита собаки от укуса клеща: капли или ошейник?

Previously, the wake of ticks in the spring of 2017 - a potential threat to pets and their owners

Early warming this year led to the awakening of ticks from hibernation. The threat of parasites and measures of protection. How not to bring a tick to the house?
Служебная собака предотвратила незаконный вывоз 800 тысяч рублей из России

The official dog prevented the illegal export of 800 thousand rubles from Russia

A dog named Sonenwelt found an undisclosed amount of money in a car passing through the Vyborg Customs. Acute nose scent prevented the export of 800 thousand rubles from the country
Собаки манипулируют людьми

Dogs know what manipulation is

Employees of the Institute of Zurich found that dogs can deliberately manipulate the owners, getting the desired result

Malayan cubs are brought up by a dog

In Australia, a sheepdog adopted three cubs of rare breed. Cobac has repeatedly played the role of mother for abandoned animals
В Америке создали удобный рюкзак для собак

In America, created a comfortable backpack for animals

Moving with the dog has become much nicer and more comfortable, since the backpack has tight belts that are responsible for a comfortable position
Cобаки способны чувствовать сложные эмоции

Scientists say that dogs are able to feel complex emotions

The scientist noted that people misperceive the hierarchy of dogs, since it is more complicated than it seems

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