Norse dogs are called dachshund breeds and low-grown terriers. Their main purpose is to search in burrows of such animals as fox, badger, raccoon dog. Hunting with dachshund Finding in the hole of the beast, the dog either throws it at the shots of the hunter (into the trap or net), or strangles itself and pulls out. It also happens that the dog pushes the beast into a branch in the burrow. And the hunter, guided by the voice of the dog, digs in there a narrow pit and pulls out the beast himself. Also, normal dogs with proper training can help and on other hunts: work on a moose and wild boar, feed dead birds, catch beavers. All normal dogs have common traits due to hunting in the burrow. Since under the ground the dog is struggling in a foreign territory and in complete darkness, it must possess a number of qualities: to be aggressive towards the beast, brave and independent.
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This is a very common breed, now more often used as decorative and completely in vain. This is a real hunter and when raising a decorative dog in the owners often have problems.
The exact origin of the dachshund is not known. There are quite a lot of varieties of the dachshund breed and each has its own standards. The first appeared smooth-haired dachshunds. Later, long-haired dachshunds from hybrids with spaniels were obtained. After that, wire-haired dachshunds were withdrawn from crossing with coarse-wool terriers. The main difference of the rate from the rest of the hunting dogs is that they combine the seemingly incompatible qualities of a real sissy who loves warmth and comfort and an indefatigable hunter who does not notice dirt, cold and pain. Dachshund and yagde terrier are the best dogs for northerners Dachshund is a universal hunter. She can drive a hare with her voice, feed ducks from the water, work on black grouses, follow the blood trail. However, their main work is in a hole in the fox, raccoon and badger. The dachshund easily catches up with the raccoon and makes a grip for what it will be. Sometimes raccoons dig simple holes, but caught by a dog, he does not go out, but keeps a hole in the hole. Then the hunter has to dig a pit to reach the beast. Badger hunts harder. It is a large and strong beast that digs complex holes and is very dangerous for the dog. Therefore, they hunt him after the badger is hibernating or when he goes out of the burrow to feed. In the burrow of the dachshund, only the badger is barking and, according to her voice, the hunter is digging a pier a meter and a half deep. Hunting in the fox is the main specialization of the dachshund. They are usually hunted in late autumn or winter. The fox tries to escape from the hole, so the hunter depends on the final result of the hunt. Although a dog can strangle a fox in a burrow, but does not always pull it out, it will have to be unearthed.

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This is a large group of breeds of dogs bred in the British Isles. Their name comes from the Latin word "terra", which translates as "land". Terriers were initially formed as small working dogs, characterized by maliciousness. They were kept at the stables and at the same time used to fight rats. In this case, terriers were created mainly for northerly hunting. Though now from more than thirty breeds only third of terriers are suitable for northerly hunting. Unites all the terriers tireless and agile.
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Border terrier
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Border terrier is one of the oldest breeds. Very strong, tireless and brave dog. It equally easily penetrates into the hole and at the same time is able to follow the rider.

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Welsh Terrier
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Welshterrier 250 years ago, together with the hounds used to hunt for the fox, otter and badger. This is the perfect combination of a brave and tireless hunter and a sweet companion.

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Scotch Terrier
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Also good northerly hunters - fox terriers and yagdterriers . The second breed is the most aggressive of the normal dogs. Therefore from it it is not necessary to do the companion.


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