Moscow watchdog

Photo: Moscow watchdog
Photo: Moscow watchdog

The history of the Moscow watchdog breed is devoid of secrets and mysteries, as is often the case with other breeds whose origins are shrouded in the gloom of centuries. But at the same time the history of "Muscovites" is very interesting, since it is one of the few breeds that was brought out specially for the special order of the state power.

After the end of the Great Patriotic War in the Soviet Union, it was necessary to restore official dog breeding, because many dogs also died the death of the brave on the battlefield. Dog-lovers in conditions of general disruption could not cope with this task. Therefore, such a responsible mission was entrusted to the nursery "Red Star", located in the suburbs.

Before the military cynologists, a difficult task was set: to create a breed in which the security qualities were equally well represented, easy training and unquestioning obedience to man. In addition, it must be unpretentious in content, powerful in constitution, and at the same time mobile.

The main participants in the selection work were the St. Bernards and the Caucasian Shepherds - these two opposites of the characters. Also in the process were poured in the blood of a German shepherd, Newfoundland, a Russian dog greyhound, a Russian pie hound. This work was very difficult, because it is always more difficult to adjust the result of crossbreeding, but the cynologists brilliantly coped with their task.

For breeding work, they selected the best representatives of the breeds not only for the exterior, but also for their ability to train and service merit. This work was conducted in 1947-1950-ies. At that time the nursery was headed by A.P. Mazover, who believed that the new breed was the result of creativity of qualified specialists. As a result of such professional collective creativity, a native breed appeared - the Moscow watchdog. The first representatives of the breed, then still having the status of crossbreeds, were represented at the Moscow exhibition in 1950. They were littermates, born from the Caucasian shepherd Asha and St. Bernard Barry. They already had common characteristics of the future breed, but the work of breeders-dog handlers on this was not completed. They thought for a long time how to make a new breed peculiar and recognizable, that is, that it was different from its main ancestors: the Caucasian sheepdog and the St. Bernard.

Московская сторожевая

The search process was generally completed by the mid-1950s, when a pedigree group of Moscow watchmen was created, that is, the government's task was accomplished. The first breed standard was created in 1958, it showed what should be done further to improve the breed. Subsequent work was conducted by individual breed clubs and amateur enthusiasts. In 1985, the Moscow watchdog received an official confirmation of the status of the breed in the USSR with an approved standard, and in 1992 the breed standard was modified, according to many breeders not for the better. A new version of the breed standard was created in 1997, and a year later it was introduced a few more clarifications. Such a process of developing a single standard is normal for all young breeds.

Now lovers of this breed have set a goal: to achieve the recognition of the Moscow watchdog as an independent breed in the international cynological federation FCI. This is not an easy path, but every year more is being done for this, and it is possible that soon "Muscovites" will conquer world championships.

Standard and main characteristics

Московская сторожевая The Moscow watchdog is a massive dog with a strong bone structure and volumetric musculature. The body is slightly extended, the paws are long and large, the height at the withers for males is at least 68 cm, for the bitch is 66 cm, but the growth for males is 77-78 cm, for females 72-73 cm, and the upper limits for growth are absent There are more valued tall dogs. Insufficient massiveness, lightness of a constitution is considered as a serious vice.

  • Weight in males from 60 kilograms and more, females weigh from 45 kilograms
  • The neck is massive and short, a slight body kit is possible.
  • The head of the Moscow watchdog is also massive with a broad forehead. The transition to the muzzle is clearly pronounced. The muzzle looks bulky, it is shorter than the forehead and slightly upturned, lips (necessarily black) slightly hang. Shortcomings are narrow muzzles with a smooth transition from the forehead to the muzzle.
  • Ears are triangular in shape, hanging. Eyes rounded, dark, widely planted.
  • The bite is scissor-shaped, the teeth are large.
  • The chest is wide, the back is even, the height at the withers should ideally be slightly higher than the height in the sacrum, the croup is muscular.
  • The fore and hind legs are straight and parallel. The length of the forelimbs is about half the height of the dog at the withers. Paws are large, round in shape.
  • The wide tail is set high, its length reaches the hock. The base is located on the same line with the croup, in the excited state it is lifted by the sickle over the back line.
  • The coat is dense and long with a tightly fitting undercoat. On the head - a shorter, and the males have manes, fox tails, pants, giving the dog even more majesty and volume.
  • The color is white-red or white-red-brown. Black marks are required on the muzzle and ears. It is desirable that the entire chest, collar, front paws along the entire length and the back to the shin, the tail end be white. Particular importance is attached to the color of the muzzle: dark glasses should be symmetrical and completely cover the eyes, in the center of the muzzle is a white protochina. The asymmetry of glasses or their absence is a serious defect.

The Moscow watchdog is more mobile than her ancestor St. Bernard, she moves with a short trot or a heavy canter.

The nature of the Moscow watchdog

When breeding the breed, great importance was attached to the creation of an interesting character, combining aggressiveness with "strangers" and boundless kindness and even tenderness for "one's own". Therefore, the Moscow watchdog is a unique mixture of opposites.

At home in the circle of the family of its owner is a good-hearted and affectionate mishute, with whom children like to play. But when he steps out into the street, he immediately turns into a formidable guard who looks like an angry bear from the outside. The frightening appearance and terrible growl of no one leaves no doubt that this dog with outsiders will be amiable and will not flirt.

The Moscow watchdog is a guard dog, a guard dog, whose guard and guard qualities are very developed. At the same time, this is an intellectual with a good heart who does not mind playing and making a company for his owner. Representatives of this breed have a balanced mind, but at the same time are easily excited and become aggressive at the slightest threat to those whom they consider their family.

Московская сторожевая The Moscow watchdog is an active dog, which needs movement, although if necessary, you can instill in it the more peaceful manners of a city dweller. Do not consider this dog phlegmatic, although the appearance can cause such associations. This is a dog that will not bark or react to anything that happens with a voice. She barks only when necessary, while the bitches are more talkative.

A greater propensity for barking in "Muscovites" is compensated by their ability to train and a greater percentage of ingenuity than in males. In any case, both "Muscovites" and "Muscovites" are cheerful friends, clever and that are important in the dog character are very intelligent.

The only spoon of tar for the owners of this breed is their predisposition to stubbornness and to periodic manifestations of independence. But all this can be smoothed by persistent training and the manifestation of one's own character. As a result, you get an infinitely loyal to you a huge creature with good manners.

This is a serious breed that requires a corresponding attitude. Therefore, the Moscow watchdog is not recommended to start people who are used to talking to animals, elderly people and adolescents. In such hands, this breed can lose its best qualities and grow up cowardly or, conversely, too aggressive, crushing under the weak-willed owner.

It should be remembered that the Moscow watchdog is unfriendly towards strangers, including children, and other animals, so do not let her walk without a leash. Despite strong genetics, strict education and timely training are necessary for the formation of the right character, therefore, this issue should be given due attention.

Breed to order

The Moscow watchdog was created by a special order of the USSR Ministry of Defense.

Education and training

Even a small chihuahua with a bad upbringing can grow into a domestic despot, and gaps in the education of such a giant as the Moscow watchdog lead to even worse consequences. Sometimes improper education can result in parting with a dog, legal proceedings with people affected by it and other troubles.

Therefore, weigh in advance your abilities, and not only material ones, whether you will be able to display enough rigidity in the process of education. Some dog breeders are mistaken, thinking that this dog is always only kind with members of his family. If you do not show from the very beginning that the main thing in the house is you, and not this cute bear cub, to whom everything is possible, then prepare for the fact that soon you will also move around the house under the watchful eye of your guard and with his permission.

Щенок московской сторожевой A puppy from childhood must know his place in a literal and figurative sense. He must clearly know the command "can not!", Which he does not dare disobey or ignore. Puppies of this breed mature for a long time - mature dogs with fully formed exterior and developed mentality and character, they become only 2-3 years old. But this does not mean that the educational process can be postponed until later. Start practicing with your puppy right after he is in your house.

If you do not plan to participate with him in the future in work, where they use service dogs, and exhibitions, then it is quite possible to do home education. For other purposes it is better to immediately find an experienced trainer who, at general courses or individual classes, will pass through with your Moscow watchdog the necessary training. Despite the fact that this is an intellectual dog, it is quite stubborn, so training each team requires perseverance from the owner.

You should become for your "Muscovite" authority, to which he will always obey. Remember that walking in the streets with an uncontrolled dog of enormous size means being a threat to others. Aggressiveness and without your participation is laid in this breed in the blood, the main thing is to teach it on your command to stop this aggression and control the behavior of your pet.

Dog Silent

The Moscow guard guards and defends in silence. Likes to attack without warning barking.

Care and maintenance

When creating the breed, there was a goal: to breed the breed, unpretentious in conditions of detention. The goal was achieved, but this does not mean that the dog does not need to be cared for at all. Moscow watchdog demands, though not excessive, but still cares and attention from the owner.

Of course, the easiest way is to keep this breed in a country house. To say that the "Muscovite" is intended only for such content is senseless, since if a city dweller really wants to settle this giant in a one-room apartment, he will still do it.

It should be remembered about the purpose of the breed and the fact that it will be difficult to achieve ideal purity from it. Over the years, you, perhaps, and accustom your dog peacefully to lie in the corridor in anticipation of your coming from work. But in the first months, be ready to destroy various household items and finish your apartment.

If you bought a puppy in the winter, then in a cold weather, leave it all the time in an aviary in the street you can not. At the same time, if you live in an apartment, you should immediately begin to let short-lived, but walk. Give your pet a certain place, equip it with toys, give him a place to feed.

Feed the puppy strictly according to the hours of the pre-thought-out menu, which should not be monotonous, and at the same time without sudden jumps from the usual food to the new one. For such large dogs it is rather difficult to provide food with expensive ready dry and moist feeds, so most owners make up a balanced menu of natural products.

The basis of the diet of the Moscow watchdog is meat products, cereals and vegetables. Do not forget about dairy products and boiled fish without bones. Of course, your dog needs vitamins and trace elements, especially during periods of growth. The lack of proper nutrition affects the appearance and abilities of the dog, so this is one of the most important aspects of nursing.

Even if your "Muscovite" lives in the yard, do not forget about hygienic procedures: combing, caring for the ears, eyes and teeth. Also, let not so often, but still it will not be superfluous to redeem your defender. For the health and purity of the dog, do not forget to treat it timely with antiparasitic drugs and give it the means against internal parasites.

Dog is not for everyone

The results of the polls showed that the Moscow watchdog can cultivate a good dog of the breed with a calm, authoritative, intelligent and sociable person.

How to choose a puppy

First determine the gender of the puppy. The Moscow watchdog breed has a pronounced difference in gender in appearance and character.

It is proved that the bitches more zealously guard the territory entrusted to them, but at the same time they can be more aggressive with the members of the family of their owner, recognizing only its authority. At the same time, males are more cocky with other dogs and like to fight.

If the dog needs you, first of all, for the performance of official duties, then remember that the bitch will temporarily be released from service during estrus, childbirth, and puppy feeding.

Having weighed all the pros and cons, start looking for the puppy.

The dog is a giant

The rock standard does not have an upper limit for growth

Where to buy: the price of puppies

Price of the breed, cost, rubles There are many nurseries that offer interesting breed lines. Buying a puppy in a nursery, of course, will cost you more, but you will get a guarantee that you are buying a "Muscovite", and not a cross. This puppy will bear the genes corresponding to the breed. Also, all puppies from the nursery are healthy and without errors in growing.

On the market and on the announcement, it makes sense to acquire a puppy only for the sake of economy, but at the same time be prepared to buy a crossbreed with various shortcomings of character and appearance. In this case, it is advisable to look at both parents, although you yourself understand that in the absence of documents for the puppy, you are deprived of the right to bring claims to the seller.

The average price from dog lovers to puppies in the Moscow watchdog with a puppy card is 15,000 rubles . In nurseries average prices are kept at the level of 20 000 rubles .

There are always exceptions to the rules, and if time suffers, then you can wait for a happy opportunity to buy a thoroughbred puppy at a lower cost. Sometimes even in the famous nurseries there are kind of shares, or the puppies are sold cheaper on special contractual terms.

Photo of the Moscow watchdog


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