How to name a pug?

Как назвать мопса

The choice of the name excites not only the parents of the newborn baby, but also the owners of the little pug. This is a very responsible choice, as the dog quickly gets used to his nickname, and will always react to it.

Therefore, you need to immediately think about this issue, preferably the whole family, and make the right decision.

Nickname for the pug boy

Most of the variants of the name for the pug boy are due to his appearance or character. It is clear that a pug named Buran or Whirlwind will cause universal perplexity and smiles. For the pug, the royal names are well suited, emphasizing his aristocratic origin:

  • Crown,
  • Ether,
  • Hermes,
  • Jupiter.

как назвать мопса Recently, Japanese names have been popular, which sound original and have a secret meaning. This fashion is very useful for Pug owners, because this breed came to us from the East, and melodic Japanese names suit it perfectly. Yet most people prefer to choose a short, sonorous name for their dog.

This is a justified choice: you will have to pronounce the nickname of the dog many times a day, and if it is too long, it will be tedious. Usually, even if you originally chose a beautiful sonorous name for a pug, then it is significantly reduced. So, Maximilian becomes Max, Leopold - Leo.

Pugs are very playful and cheerful, so they are well suited for funny names, for example,

  • Chick,
  • Chuck,
  • Muffy,
  • Hulk,
  • Shrek,
  • Google,
  • Bucks.

Often for pugs choose human names, only of foreign origin: Harry, Barry, Clint, Bram, Eric. Recently, thoroughbred dogs, including pugs, are given beautiful names from several words that convey the characteristics of a particular dog, for example, Harry Charming Look.

This is a very interesting tradition, although, of course, in everyday life you will more often call your pet just Harry. The most suitable and popular nicknames for the boys' pug:

  • Archie,
  • Bailey,
  • The battle,
  • Woody,
  • Vell,
  • Hamlet,
  • Goofy,
  • Justin,
  • Zouf,
  • Lakki,
  • Leo,
  • Max,
  • Narcissus,
  • Noir,
  • Napoleon,
  • Oscar,
  • Pint,
  • Roise,
  • Smile,
  • Sunny,
  • Tiki,
  • Fabio,
  • Franc,
  • Fetch,
  • Charlie,
  • Charm,
  • Asher,
  • Amber.

Each owner can come up with his own unusual nickname for his pet, for example, from the first letters of the names of all family members, very interesting and memorable names for the dog are obtained.

How to call a pug a girl?

как назвать мопса All people have their own vision of even the same dog, and the nicknames given by the breeder rarely remain unchanged in subsequent owners of pug-girls. At the same time, the dog is already getting used to its name by the time it is taken away from the breeder, so new owners are often limited to simply cutting this name.

So, Arisu can just become Asya or Aris. Pug-girls are such touching and lovely creatures that they want to be called somehow especially gently and at home, for example,

  1. Bun,
  2. Motya,
  3. Dusya,
  4. Juju.

Often they are called, although the official names remain more sonorous and majestic:

  • Niagara Black Midnight,
  • Floris the Gentle Flower.

When choosing a nickname for a pug, girls can be guided by two methods. The first and simplest: just open a list of the most suitable names for this breed and choose the one that you like best. The second: to pick up an unusual name from other sources: for example, from mythology or literature, to name a dog in honor of your favorite celebrity or to invent your own exclusive name.

There are a lot of suitable names for pug girls: Azel, Julie, Malta, Becky, Gabby, Jull, Donna, Giselle, Josephine, Lizzie, Lima, Lola, Margot, Marlene, Cleo, Mafia, Misty, Princess, Susie, Sophie, Tess, Fiona, Fefel, Feliss, Florence, Ephra, Elf, Utah, Yuna. It's hard to come up with a nickname in advance, but when you see your funny, or vice versa, a mogsome girl, you will immediately pick up a suitable name for her, with which she will live her whole life.


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