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Мексиканская голая собака Mexican naked dog (Xoloitzcuintly or Xolo) is a very rare breed. Even 3000 years ago, in the time of the Maya and the Aztecs, she was bred in Mexico under the temples as a cult animal. The name of the breed Xoloitzcuintle comes from the name of the Aztec god Xolotla and Itzkuintli and is translated as "the dog of the god Xolotla". The meat of these dogs was used in temple ceremonies. Unlike all other breeds, its sweat glands are found not only on the paws and tongue, but also throughout the body. Also, the "Mexicans" do not have premolars - molars.

Naked dogs are a kind of breed that can appear in one litter with dogs covered with wool. They are used as companions with good watchful qualities.


It is a beautiful dog with a strong constitution and harmonious proportions. She has a developed thorax, long paws and a tail.
There are three growth variants of Xolo. A miniature dog does not exceed 35 cm at the withers, an average dog - 45 cm, and a large or standard dog - 60 cm.

A variety of breed covered with wool is preferred for adjacent short hair. Color can be any.

A bare dog has an elastic and dense skin, which is an excellent protection. Her skin is the result of a thousand-year evolution. It is not pampered, but is resistant not only to damage, but also to insect bites, as well as to sunburn.
For the Mexican naked dog, distinct folds on the forehead between the eyebrows are characteristic, and on the remaining areas the skin is well stretched. Puppies are very wrinkled and seem to grow to their skin maturity.

Мексиканская голая собака The color of the skin of a bare dog can be different: brown, black, gray, nutty, yellowish. Dark monophonic color is preferred. There may be spots of any color. The color of the eyes corresponds to the color of the skin.

One of Xolo's most ancient characteristics is their tail. Thin and long, he sweeps the dog high, but does not spin on his back.

Some naked individuals may have some short hair on their fingers, tail tip and forehead. However, scraps of wool on the body are considered a disadvantage.

The character of a bare Mexican xolo dog

This is a calm, silent animal, intelligent and cheerful, alert and suspicious of strangers. To the owner and his family the dog is ardently devoted and tries to find even spiritual contact.

It is an easily trained breed with a reserved temperament. Xolo is a big owner, whether it's their food, bed, toys or owner. They perfectly cope with security functions. Defending the hosts or territory show fearless determination.

Adult individuals can be aggressive towards other dogs. But in one family get along with other animals, including dogs.
These dogs require early socialization , so that in the adult state it does not show cowardice or, conversely, aggression in front of other dogs and strangers.

It is compulsory for a Mexican naked dog to pass a course of obedience . And the owner is important to become a real authority for his dog.

Care and maintenance

Мексиканская голая собака
Photo: Mexican naked dog. Xoloitzcuintle (Xolo). Sholoytskuintli (Sholo)

Naked Xolo special skin care is not needed. You can after washing wash the body of the dog with a moisturizer or milk. Since the skin of this dog developed under the influence of the tropical sun, it does not need sunscreen.

Xolo with wool is necessary for grooming so that the dog's fur remains elegant and soft. It is not enough to wash such a dog more than once a month.
These dogs are very convenient for keeping in the apartment. They very rarely cause allergies, do not have fleas and smell, they do not leave hair anywhere.

Price of the puppy

Price of the breed, cost, rubles Mexican naked dog Xolo - a big rarity in Russia and therefore their puppies are quite expensive. The rejected individuals cost from $ 500 to $ 5000 .

Photo of a Mexican naked dog


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