How to cut a Maltese lap (Maltese)

Мальтийская болонка (Мальтезе)

Maltese (Maltese lapdog) is a very beautiful dog with natural wit and delicacy. However, its long, snow-white wool, like human hair, requires constant care.

At a minimum, the long coat must be carefully combed every day and trim the ends of this mantle so that a clear line of hair is visible. For a walk, the wool must be collected in the hairpins in order not to spoil it.

In addition, the Maltese is the only breed of decorative dogs, which in the standard appearance provides for the wearing of elastic bands on the head. Her hair is gathered with elastic bands so that it does not cover the animal's eyes and does not damage the eyesight.

But if the owner of the wool can even trim the ends of the wool, then to cut the dog, you need solid experience and special skills. A haircut Maltese lap-dog is simply necessary if its owner can not afford to engage in daily combing of long wool. Otherwise the dog will turn into a depressing sight, which will more resemble a dirty washcloth than a beautiful animal.

Виды стрижек мальтезе Types of haircuts maltese

A modern standard haircut for the Maltese Bologna for exhibitions is reminiscent of a Yorkshire terrier . This is a long well-groomed hairdress, in which the coat of the coat is divided into an even part, which passes over the head and upper body of the body from the nose to the tip of the tail.

If the dog is not preparing for the exhibition, where it should strike with the beauty of its wool, it is better to make it a shorter and comfortable haircut.
There are many varieties of haircuts maltese.

One of the shortest and simplest options is "under the puppy". Wool everywhere is trimmed to the same length, and the dog looks neat and easy to comb. The dog at the same time resembles a plush toy or a funny puppy.

They harvest the Maltese bolonok and "under the poodle," that is, by copying the traditional poodle haircuts . There are many creative haircuts for Maltese. On the head of a dog there may be a square, a short hedgehog, and a haircut reminiscent of a bearded tsar's person. The fantasy of a master grooming can be limited only by the dog owner's preferences.

In any case, it is impossible to cut a restless creature on its own and it is worth turning to professionals.


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