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Мальтийская болонка или мальтезе
Photo: Maltese

Maltese lapwing 🐕 or maltese for many centuries was the elite's choice. ✅ Maltese is one of the oldest dwarf dogs in Europe. The Maltese Bolonok was revered by the ancient Greeks. Learn more about the breed, see photos.

Maltese lap-dog or maltese

Tendency to training
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Maltese lapdog or maltese for many centuries was the elite's choice. Maltese is one of the oldest dwarf dogs in Europe. The Maltese Bolonok was revered by the ancient Greeks. They captured these dogs in paintings and pottery. Aristotle called the Maltese lapdog a cloud floating across the sky. There is evidence that the ancient Egyptians worshiped this breed. It is believed that it originated from the island, after which it was named - from Malta. They originated from service dogs, but over time, all official and hunting qualities from this breed of dogs were cleaned.

Maltese is one of the best companions among all breeds of dogs. They look so soft and gentle that they constantly want to touch, play with them. Dark eyes and a neat little nose with a button strengthen the charm of the Maltese lapdog. They are pure white, and it always fascinates people. It is assumed that this Roman emperors excluded from the breed all colors except white. It was a sacred color for the Romans. Like a poodle, the wool of a Maltese lapdog is hair, not fur. This coat is almost non-shedding and better suited for allergy sufferers.

Maltese can be worn with pleasure. Many people like to wear them in bags and take them on a trip. The main feature of the Maltese Bolonok is its small size. But this little lump demonstrates a great sense of love and affection. The Maltese lap-dog has a close relationship with man. Maltese lapwing feels great in many conditions. If you are one of those who are going to take the dog with them on hikes or for long walks, remember that despite the fact that the Maltese is athletic, for every your step there are 5-10 dogs.

Maltese Bolognese (Maltese)
Photo: Maltese Bolognese (Maltese)

These are smart dogs, but be careful - do not spoil the puppy. They are prone to excessive dependence on the host. It is very important to accustom them to the fact that there is nothing terrible in staying alone, if you want to leave home and not create problems for your neighbors.

Maltese is great with the children. But because they are so tiny, small children can not easily harm them, because children will think that they are dealing with a better plush toy. Therefore, dog breeders do not recommend the Maltese lap-dog to have children under 7 years old.

The size

Growth at the withers in males is 21-25 cm, in females 20-23 cm.

Weight: 3 -4 kg.


On average Maltese lap dogs live from 13 to 15 years. Life expectancy of dogs .


As a rule, maltese is easy to train. However, you should start training early and do not spoil the dog as a child.


The Maltese lap dog practically does not shed. Her six are hypoallergenic. This means that it is ideal for those who have a tendency to allergies.

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As for the care of long wool Maltese lapdog, it's not so simple. Their long wool maltese requires colossal labor. If you are not going to participate in exhibitions, then the lap-dog needs to be cut as necessary. If you want to keep the maltese according to exhibition standards with wool to the ground, then you have to comb every day and wash it every week, and it is also advisable to contact the grooming professionals.

Articles about the breed

Photo of the breed Maltese lapdog (maltese)


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