Bald (bare) breeds of dogs - all about unusual pets

Лысые собаки

Bald dogs enjoy an enviable popularity not only among people suffering from allergies. Unusual appearance and lack of care for hair care make bare breeds one of the most popular as pets. These dogs, like their hairy brethren, can become true friends and true family members. Animals without wool have a number of peculiarities in content, which we propose to familiarize with in more detail.

Care for a hairless dog - general recommendations

At first glance, it may seem that the content of bare rocks is extremely not troublesome and simple. And indeed, pets do not need to cut, comb out, problems with scattered hair on the floor and clothes are excluded by themselves. However, care for bald dogs has a number of its nuances:

  1. Frequent bathing - at least 2 times a week;
  2. Use of decorative cosmetics;
  3. Use sunscreen before walking in the summer, otherwise the skin of the dog may appear burns;
  4. The need to buy warm clothes and even shoes for winter walks.

Bald dogs: breeds with description

1 - Chinese Crested

The history of dogs is covered with various legends and legends. According to one version, the pet was bred in ancient China, which was the first part of the animal's name. The second part reflects a characteristic feature of appearance - a bright tuft, decorating the dog's head.

The breed has long been an indicator of status and place in society. It was led by grandees and wealthy families, striving to emphasize financial well-being. The owners of the animals took them with them to sail, thanks to which the breed became widespread throughout the world.

The Chinese Crested has two subtypes - completely naked pets and dogs with wool. In the first case, the hair covers the body of the dog only on the head, forming a pappus, a tail, and a lower part of the legs. This gives the breed an extraordinary charm and charm.

Pets has a very attractive psychological portrait :

  • Inborn curiosity, mobility, activity;
  • Absence of aggression;
  • Loyalty to family members;
  • Sociability in relation to other pets;
  • Predisposition to training. Chinese crested can remember a lot of tricks, and the learning process delivers to the pet pleasure.

Лысые собаки

Features of care:
  1. Weekly bathing with the use of shampoos and gel for dogs;
  2. Shaving the hair on the face of the pet, if this begins to grow. This is necessary to participate in competitions, where dogs with "bristles" are not allowed. For home maintenance, this procedure is not required;
  3. Regular clipping of claws;
  4. Ration - the breeds of dry food are suitable, to which it is recommended to add boiled vegetables and fruits;
  5. Dental care - an unbalanced diet can lead to tooth loss in the breed. In this case, the food will need to be grinded and crushed.

To start this breed is categorically not recommended to those owners who are rarely at home and are not ready to devote the lion's share of time to the pet. The dog is an apartment resident, however walks are also part of daily care.

To "go out" to the crested, a special attire is required. In addition to clothing for walking, you will also need special shoes, which will be a barrier between the thin pads of the dog and sharp stones, branches, debris on the ground.

Thoroughbred crested have a number of hereditary diseases, including allergy, Perthes disease, dislocations of knee joints.

Choosing and keeping a Chinese crested puppy

When choosing a baby it is recommended to carefully evaluate its exterior. Pay attention to the chest, the length of the neck and other characteristic features of the breed. Puppies from the early childhood correspond to breed standards, therefore risks to buy a half-breed are reduced to a minimum.

The health of the puppy will tell his behavior. Mobility, interest in what is happening and activity - these are the main features of a healthy baby. Before buying, pay attention to the pet's paws, they should not be weak, otherwise dislocations of joints may occur later.

Recommendations for the content of Chinese crested:

  • Cleaning all the wires, cosmetics and household chemicals that can be in the reach of the dog - a curious breed can gnaw out vials that pose a threat to its health;
  • Purchase a soft and warm lounger for the puppy, otherwise he will always try to "dive" into the bed of the owners;
  • When accustoming to the tray should be patient and tolerant - pets, in spite of their common wits, are badly accustomed to the tray. However, you can not shout and, moreover, beat a sensitive pet.

Chinese Crested - breed is quite expensive. Its cost depends on the type and availability of documents from the pet. The average price varies between 2,000 dollars. Ladies of this breed, as a rule, cost a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.

2 - Peruvian bald dog

Bald dog breed is one of the oldest, the first mention of which was found even in the era of the Incas. As in the case of the Chinese crested breed, the breed has two subtypes - with a hair covering and a light fur coat on the head, tail tip and paws. Peruvian dog became world famous thanks to the Spanish colonizers, who spread an unusual pet to the countries of Europe.

Перуанская лысая собака

At home, the pet was used as a pet, the dog was credited with a lot of mystical abilities, so taking care of the breed was considered an honor. Today the breed is a national treasure.

Unlike other bald brethren, the Peruvian dog can safely be in the sun. However, this is possible only in the case of the dark color of her skin. Pets can even sunbathe, changing the shade of the epidermis to bronze. But representatives of the breed with light skin require a thorough care, as in the case of the Chinese crested.

Today the pet is represented by three varieties, the differences of which are in size - small (from 4 kg), medium (from 7 kg) and large (from 12 kg). The peculiarity of the breed is its smooth and silky skin, on which the sweaty glands are located. Therefore, with physical activity on the skin of the pet there are water discharges, as in humans.

The color of the skin of the breed can be very diverse, ranging from rich black to pastel beige. Blurs and stains of contrasting colors are allowed, however, monochrome color is preferable.

The nature of the Peruvian bald dog

Bald dogs are distinguished by their individual character, therefore it is extremely difficult to make a general psychological portrait. A common feature of Peruvians is unconditional devotion to the master, however, it can be expressed to varying degrees. Some representatives will gladly show their love without embarrassment, others will behave more modestly, but they will rush to defense instantly if the households are in danger.

Перуанская лысая собака

Key character traits:

  • Excellent guard - the breed has a strong development of the instincts of the hunter, who will defend his territory until his last breath. Therefore, it is extremely important to conduct early socialization lessons that will allow the pet to respond adequately to other animals and people;
  • Ingenuity - is easy to train, quickly understands and accepts the rules of the house;
  • Needs almost round the clock attention, without which the pet begins to whine and bark loudly;
  • Activity and playfulness - quickly find a common language with children, responsibly entertain them during periods of absence of parents.
Care: nuances and pitfalls

The main attention in the care of Peruvian should be given to his skin. The dog sweats like a person, so after each walk the pet needs to bathe, or wipe the body with a damp cloth. This will prevent clogging of the pores and the appearance of irritations. Also, acne and acne can appear on the skin of dogs.

The ears of the pet are covered with a very thin and sensitive skin, which, if not properly maintained, can crack. Therefore, daily use of baby creams is recommended.

The pet is a moderate active dog, so small walks will completely satisfy the needs of the animal. Peruvian equally well coexists in the conditions of an apartment and a private house. In the latter case, care must be taken to ensure that the dog has a secluded place in the shade to rest, so that the sun's rays do not hurt her delicate skin.

In nutrition Peruvian is not whimsical, he will like dry food and home cooking. In the latter case, it is necessary to feed the dog exclusively with natural products, since the animal is sensitive to various additives and a modified component. The recommended diet is cooked meat and vegetables.

Ценовой обзор перуанской лысой собаки

Price review of the Peruvian bald dog

The breed is quite rare in our country, official nurseries are represented only in large cities. The number of Peruvians even in the historical homeland today is estimated in hundreds, which determines the high cost of puppies. The average price for a pet with documents and rights for breeding is about $ 2,300. A baby without a pedigree will cost about half as much.

3 - Mexican Hairless Dog

Bald dogs appeared about 3000 years ago, the first mention of the breed is represented on the Aztec wall paintings, which were ritually worshiped by the animals. Aztecs believed in the afterlife so when the owner of the dog was dying, his pet was killed with arrows and sent to the tomb of a man.

Ancient civilization also believed that pets can heal people from various diseases. With close contact, the animal took away the disease, which it was necessary to bring to the ground. Therefore, dogs were often dropped into deep pits with silt, after which the pet was "cleansed" and again could heal the members of the tribe.

Later, animals began to be used as food. The ancient Indians found their meat very tasty, and representatives of the breed Mexican naked dog were bred for slaughter. This led to the almost total destruction of dogs. Salvation for pets became foreign colonizers, who were delighted with the unusual appearance of dogs, taking several dozen representatives of the breed to their homeland.

Лысые собаки

In Russia, pets came in the mid-90's. Today, the breed is no longer rare, but the cost for Mexican puppies continues to be high - from $ 1,700.

Temperament and behavior:
  • They are very energetic, love games and constantly try to involve the household in them;
  • They get on well with their children, but they are wary of neighboring children, as well as of all strangers;
  • Open and sociable, like to be in the spotlight;
  • A bad guard, because behind distrust of strangers lies a kind disposition and blunted hunting instincts;
  • Temperament sanguine - the animal can remain alone with himself, will not rage in the apartment, things and interior items will remain intact;
  • Envelops all household members with warmth, but the owner sees only one person;
  • Developed herd instinct - gets along well with other animals, takes even cats and rodents into the family circle.

Мексиканская голая собака

Features of Mexican naked content:
  1. Diet - the basis of the menu is protein food. This can be both dry food and cooked meat. It is recommended to give the beef to the pet and other dietary grades. Mexican likes to eat fruits and vegetables, but they should not be more than 25% of the general menu. Sour-milk products should be treated with caution. It is allowed to feed the dog only with medium-fat cottage cheese;
  2. Content - can get along both in the apartment and in your own home. However, in either case, the pet should have its own place in the heat. Otherwise, the breed can become cold and sick;
  3. Training - remember the team well, the recommended sport for pets is frisbee. The best age to start learning is 4 months;
  4. Health - the weak point of the breed are the teeth. Puppies are born with the missing set of incisors, during their life there is a great risk of tooth loss. Therefore, it is recommended to brush your teeth daily and pay attention to the gums, preventing their inflammation. Other hereditary diseases include allergies and kidney failure.

4 - American Nude Terrier

Appearance of the pet completely corresponds to its name: the animal has a slight scalp in the sideburn area. Parents of the pet are rat-terriers, who are famous for their developed hunting qualities and immense devotion to the owner.

Unusual dogs appeared during the genetic mutation in the late 70's in the American family of Scott. Since the naked pup was the only one in the litter, the distribution of the breed was a tribute to Scott's constant attempts to repeat the result of crossing dogs.

Лысые собаки

To date, there are two types of breed - miniature and medium sizes, which differ not only in appearance, but also in the genetic background. This manifests itself in conditions of dog mating, as one type is the bearer of the dominant "bald" gene, and the second - the recessive.

Representatives of the breed have a developed thorax, a powerful shoulder girdle, curved body shapes. Dogs have soft skin, which can take almost any color. There are both monotonous variations, and pets with contrasting spots.

The breed is quite common in Russia, it is recommended to buy puppies at the age of 2 months. The average cost of an exotic pet will be $ 1,400.

A ferocious hunter or a good-natured family man?

Bald dog breed is characterized by cheerful disposition and curiosity. To the positive features of the pet is sociability, which makes it possible to make friends even with cats. The pet has a loyal character, so that he easily manages to adapt to the temperament of the family, getting along with them in love and understanding.

Hunting instincts, boiling in the blood of dogs, are combined with a developed intellect and self-control. Terrier will be an excellent defender and guard. In this case, the dog will never show signs of aggression, if there is no good reason.

Лысые собаки

Naked pets are eternal children who adore fooling around and playing. Thanks to this they easily find a common language with children. At the same time they are very caring and responsible. They will look after the babies in the absence of parents as well as a professional nanny.

Advantages of the breed American Nude Terrier :

  • Affectionate dog, which is great for families with children;
  • Quickly calms down after the games, the risk of injury is minimal;
  • Compact size and judicious nature allows you to breed in the apartment;
  • Gives in to quick training and shows enviable results.
Rock content:
  1. Health - a tendency to frostbite and sunburn, the risk of gastritis. Therefore, the dog needs a balanced diet and protection in the form of skin creams;
  2. Ration - 60% white meat, 25% porridge and vegetables, 10% of dairy products. In the case of puppy feeding, it is necessary to change the proportions: 45% of meat, 45% of dairy products, 10% of porridge and vegetables;
  3. Skin - after walking, you should wipe the dog's body with a damp cloth from sweat traces, only natural cosmetics should be used for bathing, which will not cause irritation and itching in the pet;
  4. Cutting the claws every 3-4 months;
  5. Eyes - increased moisture release, which must be removed with a cotton swab;
  6. Training - all his appearance the pet shows how important is the praise of the owner, diligently follow orders, especially if this is followed by a tasty reward.


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