Australian Labradoodle (labradudel) - Labrador plus poodle

Australian Labraduod is a unique breed of dogs, combining the best features of a Labrador and Poodle. The first "work" of the pet served as a guide, today the dogs have become pets all over the world. Incredible appearance and agreeable nature makes animals ideal companions for a person. Labradudl is very playful, unlimitedly devoted to the owner, sociable and easy to train. Let us consider the characteristics of the breed in more detail.

Photo: Australian Labradoodle
Photo: Australian Labradoodle

To sources of origin

Australian Labradoodle - a very young breed. It was withdrawn in 1955, when the poodle and the labrador were crossed among themselves. Hence follows the simple name of the pet, which gave the famous researcher Donald Campbell, describing the breed in his book.

The goal of the selection experiment was to create an ideal guide dog, in which the poodle's meekness and fast learning ability of the Labrador would be maintained. A unique feature of the breed is also the special composition of the wool, which does not cause the people suffering from allergies, characteristic seizures.

Dr. Konron worked on the breeding of the breed, which was addressed by a woman named Victoria. She was blind from birth and needed a guide. However, the situation was complicated by the fact that her husband was allergic to wool.

The breed gained immense popularity in the open spaces of the homeland and in 1988 began to spread to neighboring countries of Australia. In addition to the main "function", dogs began to be used in rescue operations. A developed mind allows pets to come to the aid of people and literally pull them out of difficult situations. Today the Australian Labradulle is one of the most popular pets.

Labradudel photo
Photo: Labradudel

Description of the breed Australian Labradoodle

Exterior Features

Labradoodle has two subspecies, which differ from each other by external data:

  • F1 - the proportion of genes consists of 50% poodle and 50% Labrador . The appearance of such pets is identical to Labrador, but the fur coat inherited the features of the poodle. Wool has a hard appearance, although the touch is very silky;
  • F2 - the ratio of genes is in the proportion of 25% Labrador and 75% poodle . Such pets inherited the appearance of a curly dog, but the character went to the Labrador retriever. For pets are characterized by the developed instincts of the hunter and the need for daily physical exertion.

Species of the breed may differ not only in appearance, but also in size. The first type is larger, the second - respectively, more tiny. Both types can interbreed, so the hereditary diseases of labradoodle are somewhat lower than in other breeds.

Like most Labradors and Poodles, a unique breed gets along well with all household members, including children. Thanks to the developed intelligence, dogs quickly learn the commands and enjoy the training.

The division of the breed also occurs in the appearance of the coat:

  • Hard curls that have a soft structure;
  • Broken and curly appearance, soft and loose structure;
  • Wool, which is identical in structure to the Labrador coat (there is a wavy as well as a straight hairline).

The color of the breed is very diverse. Here there are golden, and chocolate, and apricot, and silvery representatives.

Interesting facts about the breed labradumn

Even today, when the breed has become widespread and popular, many breeders continue to cross between Labradors and Poodles, avoiding direct mating between the two labradoules. They believe that in this way it is possible to maximize genetic diversity and make the breed more enduring.

The demand for an unusual breed is also confirmed by the fact that many famous people have become the owners of the Australian Labradoodle. The current US president, Barack Obama, wishing to start a pet, chose between an Australian and a water dog. As a result, the choice fell on the second applicant, but the very idea of ​​a possible acquisition of Labradoodle already speaks of its popularity.

Photo: Labradudel
Photo: Labradudel

International Standard

  • General view - a sport dog with elegant movements. Depending on the subtype of the breed, the height at the withers ranges from 30 to 62 cm. The average weight is 26 kg, life expectancy is more than 14 years;
  • Muzzle - square shape, wide skull, occiput rounded;
  • Eyes - a round shape, large size, elastic eyelids, the color of the eyes can vary, but it is always within the dark palettes, the look expresses activity and liveliness;
  • Bite - the shape of scissors;
  • Neck - long enough, has a smooth transition to the withers;
  • Body - good proportions of length to height;
  • Paws - in shape resemble feline, have strong bones. The length of the fingers is medium;
  • Tail - located slightly above the top line, horizontally. Does not have strong bends or creases.

Plush baby with a good-natured heart

Pets are unusually friendly and accommodating. The animal is used to helping people and tries in every possible way to please the owner. Dogs are very fond of children, therefore they act not only in the role of caring nannies, but also actively participate in games. The Australian is characterized by a developed intellect, through which an animal can make independent decisions.

The breed understands the owner perfectly and quickly learns the rules of the house. Live together Labradudl can in a spacious house, or in a modest apartment. In the latter case, daily walks with physical exertion are required.

The signs of aggression are absent completely, so that the pet easily finds a common language with other animals. However, the dog is an excellent defender and watchman. To the strangers, the Australian labradudl shows hospitality and friendliness.

The pet quickly learns commands. To train a dog is recommended to the owner personally, then a special contact is created between you and the animal. The maximum knowledge of the pet "absorbs" in a game form.

Care for Labradoodle

Walking is an integral part of the dog's content. They need to be done several times a day, each should last at least an hour. Otherwise, the pet will not be able to realize the accumulated energy. Care of the coat is primitive enough - it must be combed every few months. "Bath procedures" are conducted with the same regularity.

The dog's menu should consist of solid food, the "liquid" diet is poorly digested by the stomach of the breed. The best pet food is lean meat (poultry, beef, lamb). Bones are recommended to be excluded from the diet, since the animal can choke or injure the intestines.

Enrich the menu of the favorite follows vegetables, dairy products and porridges. In winter, include vitamin supplements. Puppies need to be fed 5-6 times a day, as the individual grows up, the number of portions decreases, and their volume increases.


Australian Labradulle is a very healthy dog, in the content of which there are no problems. However, the combination of blood of two breeds makes a pet vulnerable to hereditary diseases of "parents":

  1. Hip dysplasia;
  2. Eye diseases;
  3. Virus diseases.

Underwater stones: the pros and cons of the breed

To the positive qualities of the pet is the minimum risk of allergies in the household. The dog is very clever and quickly gives in to training, loves to play and always shows friendliness. Care for the breed is simple. Labradudl is well developed socially, does not show signs of aggression.


  • Excessive activity that does not suit older people;
  • Risk of hereditary ailments of "parents";
  • The need for periodic haircuts.

Choosing a breed puppy and price review

Despite the popularity of the breed, the Australian Labradulle is rare in our country. And the risk of "running into a fake" is very large, so it is recommended to go abroad to buy a dog. When choosing a puppy, pay close attention to the documents of the baby. Puppy must necessarily be registered with the Association of Australian Labradoodle.

Acquire the pet should be at the age of 2-3 months, while the kid should have vaccinations by age and documentary permission for binding. Abroad, all puppies are sold by specialized breeders, who offer to buy a baby for 600-750 dollars.

Photo of the breed labradumn


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