How to care for a Labrador puppy and an adult dog?

Как ухаживать за щенком лабрадора и взрослой собакой

Many beginning dog breeders underestimate the complexity and volume of caring for their pet. It seems that in this occupation there is nothing difficult: feeding, walking, periodic combing of wool and washing, and the dog looks healthy and well-groomed.

In fact, everything is much more complicated, the content of any dog, and Labrador including - it's a whole art. Another Greek historian Xenophon in 430 BC wrote that caring for a dog is an act of creation.

Especially modern people, who have at their disposal progressive means and technologies, can not treat care of a dog as something secondary. Physical perfection and excellent becoming of a dog are a result of proper care on the part of the owner.

Mode of feeding and walking

Как ухаживать за щенком лабрадора и взрослой собакой The main thing that Labrador needs for proper development and healthy life is a balanced diet. If you can make a useful diet of natural products, then feed your pet natural food, which will predominate meat. If you choose ready-made dog food, then you need to find a composition that will not cause allergies in the labrador.

This breed is allergic, so this question is relevant and requires a careful approach. Walking is necessary for a lab not only for physiological needs. This dog needs increased physical activity, without the necessary loads the labrador quickly gains excess weight, from which there are problems with the heart.

Therefore, you need to walk with a labrador not just on a leash along the streets, be sure to visit with him places where he can run, do with it the aportation that the Labrador adores, leave for nature. In the warm season it is useful to visit the dog with water reservoirs, the representatives of this breed are very fond of swimming.

Care for the appearance of a Labrador Retriever

Как ухаживать за щенком лабрадора и взрослой собакой Labrador should be beautiful, but it will become so only as a result of regular and regular care of his appearance. All the procedures for caring for the dog must be started from an early age, so that she gets used to them and reacts calmly to them. The minimum set for care of labrador includes:

  • Cotton swabs for cleaning the ears;
  • Toothbrush;
  • Bristle-wire brush;
  • Massage brush-mitten;
  • Wiper-brush;
  • Tongs for clipping claws.

For bathing a dog you can buy a special bath or basin with a rubber mat on the bottom, shampoo and a separate towel. Remember that in your house there is not just a dog, but a new member of the family with their own means of caring for appearance.

Hygienic procedures

Как ухаживать за щенком лабрадора и взрослой собакой All owners of Labradors are interested in the question of how often they need to be bathed. This procedure should not be too regular, since detergents wash off special protective covers on the skin. But at the same time, if the dog is very dirty on the street or raided puddles, or worse than the trash, then, of course, it must be immediately bathed.

Labrador is more convenient to wash together, but if he behaves calmly during bathing, then one person can cope. First, the dog should be thoroughly wetted by pouring water from a jug or shower. Make sure that water does not get into the eyes and ears of Labrador. You need to wash the dog with warm water - about 40 degrees. First, the detergent is applied to the back and sides of the dog, then to the paws and tail.

Head gently washed in the last turn. Labradors have rather long claws, which need to be cut off periodically. If the dog walks a lot on the asphalt, then, as a rule, the claws themselves are sewn up to a safe size.

Cut the claws carefully so as not to touch the pink flesh with the blood vessels. Only the empty part of the claw is cut off. To perform this procedure you need special tweezers, not ordinary scissors, from which the claws of the dog will begin to crumble. In a healthy labrador, the eyes do not need special care.

Several times a week, you can simply wipe them with clean cotton swabs (a separate tampon is used for each eye). Tea does not follow this procedure, because after this, dark circles remain around the eyes on the wool. Also, you need to brush your teeth with an ordinary toothbrush, a finger with gauze wrapped around it or special dentifrices that are in a wide range available at pet stores.

A healthy Labrador retrieves a small amount of sulfur in the ears. This is a normal phenomenon, and even in some sense useful, because sulfur protects the ear passage from dirt. Ears need to be cleaned on average once a week with a dry cotton swab. If the dirt is strong, then moisten the tampon in vegetable oil. This is the main set of procedures that are included in the care of Labrador.

If the dog is an exhibition dog, then before these activities it needs additional care, mainly aimed at caring for the hair. Also in the care of the dog include the acquisition of toys, wardrobe, various means for caring for animals, the implementation of preventive veterinary procedures.


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