How to bring up a Labrador puppy and take care of him?

Как воспитывать щенка лабрадора и ухаживать за ним

Each dog is born with its own character, but a person can and should adjust it to make the dog become well-bred. As with children, with labradors, the process of education for the future can not be postponed.

It is necessary to deal with this process from the moment when the puppy is just beginning to learn the world. Otherwise, he will learn bad habits and grow up an ill-bred dog, with which it will be very difficult to live in human society.

Teaching Labrador to the toilet

Как воспитывать щенка лабрадора и ухаживать за ним Labradors have an innate cleanliness, but this does not mean that they do not spoil the apartment from the first months of life. Gradually the puppy should be taught to go to the toilet on the street, even if at first it seems to you that this moment will never come, be sure that by the age of 5-6 the dog will stop making puddles in the house.

It is necessary to accustom the puppy to the toilet every day, punishing the puddles in the wrong place. At once it is necessary to put newspapers closer to the front door, so that later it would be easier to accustom the puppy to the idea that you need to walk to the toilet outside the apartment. After the first vaccinations are made, start to take the dog out more often.

Subsequently, in order to avoid the stash of the house, only two walks a day will suffice.

Behavior in the house

Как воспитывать щенка лабрадора и ухаживать за ним In the puppy from the first days, those qualities that you want to see in an adult dog should be brought up. Do not think that while you can let him sleep on the couch and jump on you with your paws, and then, when the labrador grows, you will wean him from these habits. Do not let the little puppy do what you are not allowed to do to an adult dog.

Do not let the puppy sleep wherever he likes, accustom him to a certain place. Do not allow to sit near the table while you are eating, especially do not throw the dog food from your table. If you miss this moment, the dog will grow up a beggar and a thief eating from the table.

First, better hide from the puppy all the items of value:

  • footwear,
  • Clothes,
  • Wallets,
  • Bags,
  • Consoles and more.

The puppy can try all these things on the teeth and spoil it. Furniture, of course, can not be hidden, so every time you see that the labrador intends to chew on the leg of the chair or cabinet, immediately punish him. In general, the educational process is based on the alternation of encouragement and punishment, but the punishment is not the beating of a small defenseless puppy, but simply an impressive slap, the abrupt word "Fu!" And shaking for the scruff.

Как воспитывать щенка лабрадора и ухаживать за ним Repetition of these measures is enough to make a small labrador understand that this should not be done. Remember that the puppy will have a change of teeth , so he does not just need to forbid gnawing things and furniture, but also offer an effective replacement: special toys and bones from the pet store.

Teach the puppy to stay alone at home and behave decently: do not howl, do not whine or scratch the door. To do this, periodically leave him alone in the room, and if he starts whining, expressing his protest against loneliness, open the door, say "Fu!" And punish him.

Behavior in the street

Educational measures outside the home are reduced to making the labrador calmly behave on walks. To do this, accustom him to the collar and the leash, to ensure that he walks next to you, and not rushed forward. At once it is necessary to accustom the dog to the muzzle, although the labrador is not an angry dog, but still large, and in some public places, for example, in transport, you have to put on it a muzzle.

Как воспитывать щенка лабрадора и ухаживать за ним Labrador is very active and curious, so on the street he is often distracted by everything that happens around. Instruct him to react calmly to everything: he should not be afraid of the noise of cars, of people shouting, he should not bark and throw with anger or with joy on passers-by. Good "street upbringing" is possible only when the puppy has a lot of walking and not only on special areas for walking, but also just along the streets of the city.

Labrador must be taught to contact other dogs and different animals. If you do not want a large Labrador in a panic to run away from a small Chihuahua, ensure that he communicates with the dogs immediately after the first vaccinations are made. In this case, the dog will be socialized, and there will be no problems with visiting further training courses and exhibitions.


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