All you need to know about Labrador's pregnancy

Все, что нужно знать о беременности лабрадора

In Labrador, pregnancy occurs according to physiological laws common to all dogs. This period of dog breeders is called puppies, and it lasts an average of 63 days.

Puppies can appear on the light both before the due date, and a little later, therefore it is necessary to be guided by normal terms of sorts from 58 to 65 days from the moment of mating . Premature or delayed labor is considered a pathology and requires the presence of a veterinarian.

How is pregnancy with Labrador

Все, что нужно знать о беременности лабрадора Pregnancy Labrador can be divided into two parts:

  1. Up to the fifth week from the moment of mating,
  2. From the fifth to the ninth week.

The first week of pregnancy usually does not bear any external changes. The dog behaves as usual, and only some owners notice that their Labrador began to behave somehow differently. For example, some dogs become more restless, can whimper and demand constant attention, or, on the contrary, they choose nooks to sleep there in silence, refuse usual noisy games.

In the second week of pregnancy, clear mucous discharge from the dog's loop appears. This is a sure sign that fertilization has come. At this time in the body of the dog there are imperceptible to the external look of the changes: the egg is implanted into the wall of the uterus. In the third week the dog may have signs of toxicosis : it refuses the usual food, it vomits, vomiting may appear.

Все, что нужно знать о беременности лабрадора In this there is nothing to worry about, a change in taste and nausea are associated with hormonal changes in the body. The uterus begins to increase in size, presses on internal organs, including on the stomach. Avoiding vomiting will help feeding small portions of food, but if your dog eats with an excellent appetite, then feed it as much as before pregnancy.

During this period, the puppy already looks like a small embryo, around it forms a fetal bladder and placenta. Of course, to grope with the fingers of the pups through the stomach of the dog is still impossible, but with the help of ultrasound it is already possible to determine their number. If you looked into the not yet increased belly of your python in the fourth week of her pregnancy, you would be very surprised.

You would find there small embryos that are already very similar to puppies: they have heads, legs and tails. Even fingers can grope through the abdominal cavity of small ampoule-like expansions in the uterus. This can be done only if the dog does not suffer from excess weight, because through the fat layer to feel the fruit is impossible even at a later date.

In the fifth week, changes in the appearance of the pregnant Labradorza are already visible: the waist disappears, the abdomen noticeably increases in volume. At this time, the dog should already be limited in active movements and long walks. Many pregnant dogs instinctively take care of their offspring and change their behavior.

Все, что нужно знать о беременности лабрадора They become more cautious, do not make sharp jumps, behave less actively than before. But there are also those who continue to behave as if nothing had happened and can jump into the river from a high cliff to swim. Of course, such extreme dogs need to be controlled so that they behave more prudently. On the sixth week, the mammary glands are noticeably enlarged and the nipples swell.

Especially this sign is noticeable in the first-born females. In the seventh week the dog starts to look more and more like a swollen ball. The abdomen noticeably increases, and no longer need to be an expert to say with certainty that the dog will soon have puppies that are already covered with short hair on this term. On the eighth week puppies are already beginning to actively remind of their existence.

They move noticeably, and these movements can be easily noticed if you observe the dog. At the ninth week you need to wait for the precursors of childbirth. To do this, begin to measure the temperature of the dog's body to determine when it falls one degree in comparison to the usual one. The abdomen of a pregnant labro girl is noticeably lowered, so the waist can again be designated.

Puppies are well palpated with fingers, you can even determine their number, although, of course, accuracy in this matter is guaranteed only by ultrasound. One to two days before the birth, the pups usually freeze and stop moving. This is normal and it should not disturb dog owners.

At the ninth week , labor can begin , so the dog and its owner should be ready for this event. A dog can be washed in the bath in advance, but only if this procedure does not cause her stress. By this time the maternity place should be ready, the dog should get used to it and spend most of the time there.


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