What dry food is better for a Labrador?

Какой сухой корм для лабрадора лучше

Most Labrador owners are confident that dry food is an unmistakable option to grow a healthy and active dog. Indeed, to make a complete diet of natural products, you need to have the knowledge in dietology, calculate the necessary calories, the proportions of protein and carbohydrates, add vitamins in an exact amount.

In a word, you need to do a great job to make a useful menu for a Labrador. Then you need to cook every day dishes for the dog, following all the recommendations for caloric content and balance of nutrients. Ideally, it turns out that the Labrador should have a personal chef, or his owner, forgetting about all the other things, will spend a lot of time every day preparing dishes for his pet.

Requirements for the best dry forage Labrador

Какой сухой корм для лабрадора лучше Choosing dry food, you are all these time consuming and time-consuming moments shift to the shoulders of dry food producers. It remains only to choose the right diet, so as not to experience disappointments. Usually pay attention to such features of feeds:

  • The taste should be liked by the dog;
  • The price should suit the owner;
  • The chosen variety is always on sale;
  • The dog does not have any symptoms of food allergy.

If you find a suitable diet of a certain brand, then you can feed them a dog for the rest of her life: from 2 months old to old age. Opinions on the best dry food among the owners of Labradors there are many, but in general, all advise super premium feed or holistics.

You can find good food among premium foods, and even choose the best option at an economical price. But one should avoid frankly cheap brands with a predominance of grain ingredients. The diets rich in proteins are also far from always suitable for labradors, since this breed is susceptible to allergies, which can be provoked by proteins.

For puppies, special feeds are produced in the "Pappi" series, which can be started from the age of 2 months. The first weeks of dry food must be soaked in warm water or milk. Approximately from the age of 6 months, you can switch to the type of food "Junior" - this is the menu for young dogs.

Какой сухой корм для лабрадора лучше Labrador is a large breed, therefore such feed suits them up to the age of 18 months. For adult dogs older than 1.5-2 years, the type of fodder "Standard" is recommended, which takes into account the needs of dogs leading a quiet lifestyle. If your labrador is subjected to additional physical stress, then you need to choose a special series of feeds for active dogs .

Also there is food for pregnant and nursing bitches, for aging dogs, for those who have a tendency to allergies. Some manufacturers produce special therapeutic feeds, which are necessary for the recovery period after diseases and operations.

How much to give a dry feed Labrador: norms. Which veterinarians advise

Many owners are concerned about the dosage of dry food. General recommendations on the package can not take into account the individual needs of the dog. Sometimes even the owner himself is not in a position to determine the line beyond which he begins to overfeed the dog or, conversely, undernourish it.

Such errors lead to improper physical development of the dog. If you doubt that you have correctly determined the norm of each serving, then you need to consult a specialist expert in the breed who will assess the physical condition of the dog.

Observe the pace of development of your puppy, how it is formed, and make your adjustments based on these observations. As a result, you will definitely find the right solution in the form of the optimal daily rate of feed. Some owners prefer to feed the dog not in the same portions, but different, for example, in the morning give 40%, and in the evening 60% of the daily feed.

Reviews of dry forage for Labrador

Reference number 1

Какой сухой корм для лабрадора лучше When buying a Labrador, we received recommendations for its feeding with dry food PRO PLAN. But my husband immediately drew attention to the allergic reaction in the puppy : he had dark ears, and the wool looked not very healthy.

Therefore, we immediately began to look for another feed and on the same day we bought Eukanuba for large breed puppies . On this stern, a real handsome athlete of the Labrador was raised. Neither excess weight, nor problems with skeleton was not. At the shows we were not, but our Ray was always flattered by the pedigree, saying that he had a flawless build.

We think, this is the merit of the right diet. After a year they switched to the same brand forage, only for dogs of adult breeds. This is a special dry food for Labradors. There on the packaging is a black labrador. Our Ray is active, beautiful and healthy, he does not have weight problems and allergies, so we are not going to experiment and change the diet, especially since his price suits us, and he is always available in the places of sales available for us.

Alice, Moscow

Reference number 2

I could not resist the temptation and got two labradors at once. The choice of food was on the agenda for several months. We tried several brands, each had its own shortcomings. I, of course, wanted to find a food that would be right for both my pets. But I did not manage to do it.

She began to give the dog a feed for Hills , one was fine, and my second factory refused him, and allergy symptoms developed within two weeks. Now I feed one dog food Hills, and the second Akana. Of course, it's a little troublesome to buy different rations, but this again confirms that even dogs of the same breed require an individual approach.

Tatiana, St. Petersburg


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