When and what should I do inoculations for Labrador puppies?

привики щенкам лабрадора

Fortunately, most Labrador diseases can be protected with vaccines that create active immunity. There are a number of diseases - especially dangerous for dogs and especially puppies.

Among them:

Basic rules of vaccination

какие прививки нужно делать щенкам лабрадора The first inoculation to a small labrador is done at the age of 8-9 weeks (often by the breeder) and repeated at the age of three months. All this period and two more weeks after the second vaccination the puppy should be on strict quarantine. It can not be walked around and introduced to other dogs and animals in general.

The first vaccination in a puppy's life is usually done at a month old. The main thing is that the baby was absolutely healthy. If he still almost completely eats milk from his mother, this period can be shifted for a week. In no case should a vaccinated puppy be vaccinated if he does not have the right stool, temperature, or poor appetite.

In this case, the inoculation is shifted to full recovery. For a week or 10 days before the first vaccination the puppy must be given antihelminthic remedy, for example, puppy pyrantel. Labrador needs 2 mg to get into the syringe and pour into the baby's mouth before morning feeding. In half an hour pharmacy vaseline oil is given, also 2 mg, which facilitates the rapid removal of dead worms .

This procedure is repeated every other day. A week later, the first inoculation, more often Nobivac PUPPY DP. It is better to do this at home, so as not to transport an unprotected puppy to the clinic where sick animals can be. The second inoculation is given to a two-month-old healthy puppy or exactly one month after the first vaccination. Deworming is also done during the week.

For this purpose it is better to use a suspension for puppies of large breeds, having calculated the necessary dose by the weight of the puppy. Half an hour after the suspension, 4 mg of vaseline oil is given. A week later the puppy is vaccinated with Nobivac DHPPi + L, also preferably at home. Only two weeks after this vaccine, the puppy can be taken out for walks. The third vaccination is done in three months (Nobivac DHPPi + L), and the fourth - about 11 months, when the puppy will be replaced by all the teeth.

Each time a week before this event degelmentization is carried out. And then every year at one time all the following vaccinations are done with one complex. If a healthy animal is instilled, no side effects from vaccination arise. For the vaccination of Labrador most commonly used are quality vaccines such as:

Eurican (France),

Duramune (USA),

Vangurad (United States),

Nobivac (Holland).


The cost of Nivivac depends on its purpose. So the preparation for puppies Puppy DP costs about 170-200 rubles, and the polyvaccine for adult dogs DHPPI - 110-150 rubles.

The drug Duramune costs about 200 rubles per dose, Eurican for adult animals DHPPI - about 150-170 rubles. The cost of Vanguard is 80 rubles.


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