What is the advantage of grain-free dog food?

Беззерновой корм для собак

By nature, dogs are carnivores. Their teeth, the structure of the mouth and the short digestive tract are primarily adapted to meat food, in which there are many animal proteins, but a low carbohydrate content. And unlike herbivores, it is the protein of a dog that is very efficiently used as an energy source.

Features of grain-free dog food

One of the current trends in feeding dogs says that to ensure optimal health and vitality of the dog can only feed saturated with meat. And this should be not the traditional amount of meat in the feed in the amount of 40-60%, and not less than 80%.

According to veterinary studies, a high protein content in the food has a positive effect on kidney function.

Виды беззернового корма для собак Cereals are considered a cheap source of energy in dog food, but they have a minimal biological need for carbohydrates. And many veterinarians see the source of problems with canine health precisely in the content of cereals in the stern. First of all, the high content of cereals leads the predator to excess weight, causes problems with digestion, diabetes mellitus in dogs and many other diseases.

Non-grain feed is especially recommended for dogs prone to being overweight or obese , and also young and leading an active lifestyle.

Rulers of grain-free dog food

  • One of the best non-grain feeds offers the Canadian ruler Orijen. For the production of feed, it uses fresh Canadian chicken, turkey, salmon, herring-like whitefish.
  • The food ACANA Grasslands is designed for dogs of all breeds and ages. It is based only on lamb meat, as well as pike and pike perch, which is rare in many other feeds. Thanks to such ingredients, this food is considered to be hypoallergenic.
  • The FirstMate series pretends to be unique due to the fact that it has only one source of carbohydrates - potatoes. The main source of protein is lamb meat or chicken and herring, which in the stern is more than 70%.
  • The Canidae Pure SEA grain free formula consists of 80% of salmon meat, and the remaining 20% ​​is given to vegetables and fruits. This is a completely natural holistic-food for dogs .
  • The company Pronature offers original grain-free dog food Duck & Orange. In its composition 50% of duck meat, 36% - vegetables and fruits 14% are spicy herbs, extracts of oils and fats, etc.

Many dog ​​breeders prefer the line of fodder Acana based on lamb meat with salmon and herring meat and a source of carbohydrates in the form of peas and potatoes.


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