Dog food for Dilly - a useful development of Altaic scientists

Корм для собак дилли

Dry food for Dilly dogs is produced in the Altai Territory from a full-fledged and quite domestic raw material of both animal and vegetable origin.

It is produced by ZAO Aleyskzernoprodukt to them. SN Starovoitova - leading enterprise for the production of feed additives and animal feed. The formulation of food was carefully developed by scientists of the zoological engineer department of the Novosibirsk Agrarian University - specialists in the field of animal feeding, zootechnics, cynology.

Собачий корм дилли

The chemical composition of the feed is constantly monitored in the licensed Analytical Laboratory for Feed Quality of the same institution. The composition of components for dog food Dilly is balanced and matched with the newest theory and practice of feeding not only dogs, but also pets in general.

At the heart of the food are the most useful nutrients for the full nutrition of dogs, which are contained in the flour from chicken, beef, liver and wheat. Also included in the composition is soybean meal, beet pulp, wheat germ and vegetable oil.

Tests of dog food Dilly

Zooengineering faculty of the Novosibirsk State Agrarian University multifacetedly researched the food "Dilly" at all stages of its preparation, development and testing. For this, the methods of many sciences were used: microbiology, ethology, immunology, parasitology, biochemistry, physiology.

Long-term experiments were conducted with dogs in different conditions of content: in nurseries, in personal plots, in apartments. All adult dogs of different breeds fed Dilley's food with pleasure, and among them were the Champions of Russia, and prize-winners of various exhibitions and competitions.

It was found out that the food for dogs Dilly easily and with appetite go like dogs, previously fed dry food, including famous transnational brands, and adults on "home food". After prolonged feeding with Dilly rations, the dogs' health was carefully studied and it was revealed that all of them, regardless of the breed, maintained excellent conditions, appetite, correct weight, activity and performance.

Their wool is intensely colored and shiny. Thanks to chicken meat in the stern there are no cases of food allergy. And chicken for "Dilly" to grow on a special poultry factory of the enterprise under the control of manufacturers of forage. An excellent source of fiber and carbohydrates in the feed is rice. Packaged food in large bags weighing 16 kg, which allows you to save a lot on a small wholesale.


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