Composition and feedback on dog food Nero Gold (nero gold)

Состав и отзывы на корм для собак Неро голд (nero gold)

Dry dog ​​food Nero Gold refers to the category of super premium foods . The food is produced in Holland according to the principle: food for animals, as for people.

Such an approach means that it is inadmissible in the diet to use:

  • Food waste,
  • Harmful dyes,
  • Enhancers of taste,
  • Artificial preservatives,
  • GMOs and other prohibited components.

The company has accumulated a lot of experience in the market of production of food for animals and works in cooperation with leading nutritionists, veterinarians and scientists. Nero Gold dog food has been in demand in Europe for more than 10 years, it undergoes thorough checks for compliance with European GMP and HACPP quality standards.

Composition of dry food for dogs Nero Gold (nero gold)

Состав и отзывы на корм для собак Неро голд (nero gold) For all Nero Gold feeds, the ingredients are selected according to the age, lifestyle and even the dog's taste preferences. The manufacturer refused the ingredients, which are most often the cause of food allergies in animals:

  1. Dairy products,
  2. Wheat,
  3. Soybeans,
  4. By-products,
  5. Beef and pork.

The food is a balanced full-fledged diet and satisfies the needs of dogs in healthy eating. In all types of food, the basis is fresh meat, with a mandatory indication of the origin of this meat: for example, chicken meat or deer meat.

Contains a complex of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, brewer's yeast and flaxseed - for beautiful wool, beet pulp and chicken liver. Nero Gold is rich in high quality proteins and fatty acids.

Types of feed Nero Gold

Species composition of dog food Nero Gold is diverse. It is designed for dogs of different ages and pleasantly surprises with a combination of tastes. Find the right diet easily thanks to the color strip on each package, which corresponds to a certain kind:

  • For puppies (pink strip)
  • For puppies of large breeds (lilac)
  • For adult dogs chicken and rice (yellow)
  • Fish cocktail and rice (blue)
  • Venison and potatoes (light green)
  • For adult lamb and rice (green)
  • Turkey and rice (purple)
  • For adult dogs of small breeds (orange)
  • For adult dogs of large breeds (brown)
  • For active dogs (red)
  • Lightweight and for older dogs based on turkey and rice (blue).

Food with venison has a high nutritional value and excellent digestibility. Venison is low in calories, so it is recommended as a diet. Food based on chicken is suitable for dogs of all breeds to maintain normal activity. Food contains high quality meat, which has a beneficial effect on digestion.

The content of antioxidants increases immunity. Food for active dogs with a high content of protein sources is suitable for hunting, service and sports dogs. In the diet for puppies, the main sources of proteins and carbohydrates are chicken and rice.

In the line of the rations of the brand there is a catering economy class Meat cocktail. It is a balanced food with meat ingredients and grains, vegetable oils, fats and vitamin-mineral complex.

Reviews for dog food Nero Gold (nero gold)

Reference number 1

I have three dogs: two labradors and a pug. Breeds are known for their propensity for food allergies . Even with expensive forages there were problems: the ears were black with ears, the pug was scratching. A suitable diet was not easy to find. One time, especially not hoping that he would come up, I bought two packages of Nero Gold's food: one for large breeds, that is, for my Labradors, the other for a pug.

This is where my search for better food ended. All my dogs stopped eating food allergies. The pug lost his torment and me dandruff, the coat became shiny. Interestingly, the weight of all my pets prone to obesity is maintained in norm, which means that the nutrition is really well balanced and thought out.

I stopped at this stern, sometimes only experimenting with different tastes. I bought a fish cocktail, venison with sweet potatoes, lamb + rice. My gourmets eat with pleasure.

Anna, Moscow

Reference number 2

Состав и отзывы на корм для собак Неро голд (nero gold) I feed my Fox Randy with Nero Gold's food for more than six months. We switched to this diet from another, more famous and expensive, but we do not regret it. The dog remained in the same excellent condition, is active, the weight is normal, eating with appetite. I note that the composition of food is not inferior to the more popular feeds, it does not have any cheap fillers, the meat tops lists of ingredients.

But I'm not used to believing even packs and assurances about quality, until I check on my own experience. My Randy, of course, is not allergic, maybe other dogs have some problems with this food, but he definitely suits us. Mostly I take him a diet based on chicken and rice for small dogs.

Galina, Novosibirsk

Review №3

Having listened to good recommendations, we bought our Dalmatian Elze forage Nero Gold with venison and sweet potatoes. They fed the month at the specified rate, but the dog had grown noticeably thinner. More food did not buy, although other breeders told us that the weight was gone due to the fact that venison is low in calories.

But I still stayed with my opinion that weight can come back to normal from a good feed, but do not go beyond the limits of the norm so that we were all told: "Did you stop the dog completely?" Therefore, we will not return to the rations of this brand.

Vera, St. Petersburg


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