How to choose the right dry food for dogs?

Как правильно выбирать сухой корм для собак

When you decide that you will feed your dog with ready-made dry food, and not natural food, then you will immediately have the question of how to choose a dry food for your pet.

At first glance, the question is very simple: find any rating of dry dog ​​food and choose the best products. But not everything is so easy: every dog ​​has an individuality that depends not only on its breed, but also on a number of other factors.

Как правильно выбирать сухой корм для собак Unfortunately, not all dog owners immediately guess with food, they along with their pet have to choose the best food by trial and error. When choosing the following criteria:

  • Its composition,
  • Age of the dog,
  • Feed nutrition.

Correctly choose the composition of dry dog ​​food

Read the recommendations of breeders about dog food for certain breeds, find information about manufacturers, get acquainted with reviews on the Internet. This information will not harm, but the main attention should be focused on the study of the ingredients included in the composition of the feed. With all the diversity of brands and brands, the total composition of dry food is one-tier. It includes meat flour, vegetables, grain flour, vitamin-mineral supplements.

In a good dry food, the list of ingredients is headed by meat products, such food will be especially nutritious and useful. If first the ingredients come from the grain, and only then meat and bone-meal are mentioned, then the feed in its nutritional qualities and utility does not fully satisfy the needs of the dog in the protein. Be sure to note whether the type of meat is indicated: for example, it says: "lamb meat" or simply "meat" .

The second option sounds menacing, since meat can have a variety of sources of origin. An important point is the absence of harmful substances in the feed:

  • Dyes,
  • Carcinogens,
  • Enhancers of taste.

Some owners come across advertising tricks, when the dog food looks aesthetically attractive and tastes good, but it does not really benefit from it. It is better to choose food from producers who already have a good reputation in the animal feed market.

Such companies are engaged in the production of products only for domestic animals, and are not distributors of grain plants or meat-packing plants that sell waste products.

We choose dry food according to the age of the dog

All dry food is divided into categories according to the age of the dog. For puppies, feeds are produced , in the name of which there is the word Puppy. When the dog reaches the age of 5-6 months, then go to the feed for juniors, after a year the feeding begins with standard food.

For the aging dogs, feed "Senhor" is produced. Also there are many kinds of food, taking into account the lifestyle and health of the dog. For example, for active dogs participating in special training and competitions, there is a diet "Sport and Agility", for dogs prone to obesity there are special dietary foods .

Dog's reaction to food

Как правильно выбирать сухой корм для собак Imagine that you have learned a lot of information about the feed, many times read the list of ingredients, and think that it is ideal for your dog. You buy it, start feeding them a dog, and you see that you made the wrong choice. In order to understand if the food is suitable for the dog, one should observe its reaction to the food.

For example, she may develop a stomach disorder or she will itch, or the condition of the coat will change for the worse. Such a reaction can be explained by the individual intolerance of the ingredients of the feed, and then it is necessary to abandon it and continue to search for the best option.

Feeding nutrition

Often the price of food is discussed, but the question of its nutrition is missed. Cheap food for dogs is less nutritious, which means that the dog is full, they need to be given in large volumes. As a result, the pursuit of a low price turns out not to be a gain, but, on the contrary, a loss and a poor state of health of the dog. Nutrient feed contains a balanced composition of sources of calories, among which protein from meat should predominate.


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